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  • Nope, we didn't xD Looks like we need to since I can find people online but not you exactly.
    That's what I get when custom link codes are the first thing I learn in a 3D Pokemon game - thanks Sword & Shield D:

    Let me check my FC.
    Tbh idk xD Should be possible imo since they are both Gen 6 games. I'll do a quick search online.
    If we can not trade my Clamperl from XY to ORAS then I have to go the roundabout route (I put them from X to Bank, then from Bank to AS, then we can trade there).
    True. Personally I like Walking Wake more than Iron Leaves. Like you I also caught both, not in special balls tho.

    Cool. X asks me if I want to update my game, I assume this is necessary if you want to connect online and do trades. So I'll do that, then I should be good to go. I'll let you know when I'm ready + check every now and then.
    I see. So what will you do with the Walking Wake? Keep it even though you don't like it as much?

    Lol xD Tonight I will be free in 2 - 2,5 hours. If that is too late then we can do this tomorrow around this time (8:10 PM for me right now, so 8-9 PM).
    Hello... I am ''Taco", could someone please show me around this place.

    ...both metaphorically and literally.
    Hey there, I had a lot going on but yesterday, I finally managed to catch two Clamperls (female and male) - playing through X up to Route 12 surely took me a while :'D

    I should be ready for the trade either this Friday after 22 o'clock or sometime in the evening this weekend. Would this be fine with you?

    Also, did you already catch the newly added Walking Wake and Iron Leaves in Violet? What do you think about these?
    i'm sticking with my swrairia region, cause i love that one so much :D
    they're waiting in the pokedex entry thread :3
    Understandable, no problem :)

    Yes, that would be very nice. I'd like to catch two Clamperl myself and (when I'm ready for the tradevolutions) evolve them both, one with a Deep Sea Scale and the other with a Deep Sea Tooth. I'll inform you when I'm ready, maybe this or next week - until then, please keep these two items for me (I'll let you know too regarding Pokemon holding them, but I'm like 90% sure it'll be "whichever you want").
    i know :3

    you never know... i '''might''' make a 2nd pika-clone to go with puquilo, for the region :>

    i just wanted nibumi *nichu* to be not a pika-clone & a pure normal type :3

    i wonder if it's safe to say that puquilo should be the pika-clone instead of nichu... cause most of the pika -clones have been pure electric types *pichu 'although, the pre-evo of pikachu', pachirisu, pawmi, plusle & minun*

    puquilo is also pure electric type... but nichu is normal type, but can learn thunder wave via level-up
    i realize that puquilo has no round electric cheeks, but it has blush marks on its checks that i think can act just like round electric cheeks :3

    i may do that, actually :> & i'm gonna rename nichu to ''nibumi'' - nibbles, her name + nezumi *mouse in japanese*
    Yes, sounds good, we can arrange a time to trade!

    I also would be more than happy to take the shiny eevee off your hands that you mentioned in the eeveelution thread <3
    that's true... that'd be the swraira region, right now... sooo, that one :3

    they are waiting in the pokedex entries thread... looking forward to it :D
    Thanks again for giving it the max soup and the mints, these pokemon are much anticipated arrivals and are great :)
    Thank you for the awesome trade! You even attached items. Sweet!

    I think you'll get your goomy, I have had hunts go on longer than 600. If you do get stuck though, I can get you a shiny Sliggoo, not Goomy, but they all evolve into Goodra by the end.

    Putting your time into doing some art will be rewarding. Sometimes it's good to take a break from shiny hunting, when hunts go on longer than planned, so we don't go crazy. I have this nightmarish hunt on Pokemon Black for a shiny starter snivy that has continued on and off for literally years now.

    That's really nice of you to make something for Starlight. She is one of the nicest and most compassionate people on the forum, and she deserves to have something to brighten up her day when she returns. I know she will appreciate a drawing. She's on a leave of an absence why her name doesn't appear as staff, but I'm looking forward to the day that she comes back. Sounds like a really cool project you've got in the works!
    hi! :>

    i'm a little bit conflicted between xesse & swraira now >.<

    xesse is based on where i live , but i can't think of how to complete the 3 stage xesseian bounsweet line, in which bounsweet is based on a peach, the 3 stage xesseian tynamo line, in which tynamo is based on a lugworm & then Malerrie's 3 stage line, in which malerrie is based on a Maltese Terrier....

    & then theres swrairia, cause it's easier for me to name them & draw them myself....
    No problem :) Just let me know when you've checked once you found some time for that, no need to hurry :)
    Hey, random question - do you have a spare Deep Sea Scale in ORAS that you could give a Pokemon to hold it and trade it to me? I tried to look for a Gorebyss via GTS in Sun but due to hackers offering hacked pokemon my game freezes within seconds.

    I plan to get a Gorebyss for my Sun playthrough this way:
    - Catch a Clamperl with the Good Rod in AS
    - Get a Pkmn that holds a Deep Sea Scale via Trade
    - Give it to my Clamperl and do a Tradevolution
    - Send my Gorebyss from AS to Bank
    - Then, send it from Bank to Sun

    If you have ORAS and have access to Mirage Mountain, then you could get the item there from what I've understood: https://www.serebii.net/pokearth/hoenn/miragemountain.shtml
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