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  • Yeah, aren't vocaloids just the cutest widdwl things? X3 Well, when Rin isn't about to kill someone, she's adorable... I'm trying to do a cosplay as her, but I don't think my costume is gonna get here in time for halloween... :(
    Hey, I'm randomly contacting you, because you are an intriguing person who's a lot like me~ Thanks for helping support the community! Okay, ignore me if you want, I'm done.
    Being a supporter is fun, cos you get access to a special place and you get a blog to go with it, and also you get slightly larger avatars/profile pics and you can now use custom backgrounds.
    Congrats on getting Tier 5 Supporter, that blue italic looks nice on you.

    I'm only one tier below so it's not a big deal, the only separating Tier 4 from 5 is that Tier 5 get a personalized email, which I wouldn't need anyway.
    I like its feathers (they look like feathers anyway) that are the colors of the other musketeers. I found that neat. Though tbh, I would have preferred the Resolution forme be the only forme of Keldeo. idk the changes weren't really dramatic enough to warrant two formes, but that's just imo.
    I like it too! I was surprised it got a new forme, but I think it looks cute and majestic. And thanks. :D I thought my Link avatar was cute too, but in a different way I guess haha.
    so ur seriously a SIr.Aaron fan?! I LOVE SIr.Aaron/Lucario and the Mystery of Mew! I've been looking for fans of that 4 ever on this site!!!
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