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  • I wouldn't mind some for-fun trading. especially if you have anything that might be good for my shop? :)

    How many of my shinies are done, out of curiosity?
    No, no, not banned from the site, I mean people weren't letting me participate in giveaways or normal trades, or even messaging me when I asked why it was happening...

    Apparently, they felt I was being a hassle and a bad trader, often due to my misunderstanding or mis-reading of something.

    I almost quit PC on account of it...

    but I was convinced not to by one of the veterans on the site. they suggested I try opening a shop and try rebuilding my reputation in that way.
    No, but I've had difficulties with traders on the site a few weeks ago...I got banned from participating in giveaways, and after figuring out WHY, I decided I needed to try to rebuild my reputation.

    I just don't want you to feel like I was pressuring you or something. :(

    you don't have to do them if you're too busy/not interested....I don't want to stress you out. we had several communication difficulties that I think you misread as me asking for more pokemon when I was offering you replacement ideas for pokemon that would've been more difficult to breed.

    I'm trying to be more sensitive about how I word things so my partners don't misunderstand me....So I opened up my shop to help give back to the community :)

    if you'd like one of my shiny charmanders from my giveaway, i'd be happy to give you one ^_^

    if you do want one, do you want it to have a nickname?
    It's the same egg, you didn't specify what you wanted so I just put another random Pokémon in it ^-^; I hope you'll like it!
    It's only good for PC games, and it's digital copies, which is why they tend to be so cheap
    I'm also starting buying games from Steam, sometimes they have a really good discount on games I want
    I usualy go online shopping because it has better prices, but I always check the seller's reputation first, make sure it's someone that has many sales and is at 95% or higher positivity (customers can rate the seller)
    Ah definetly not a good idea to go out shopping in a black friday, but maybe you can find something online, if nothing else there is always x-mas the after x-mas to check out for sales
    Me too, it's cheaper to buy a ps4 than a switch at the moment here. Maybe at black friday they will have a better price
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