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  • Haha sounds like fun.

    Oh my gawd... Apparently someone on a talk show did a documentary about a girl trying to decide which school's acceptance to take... and my mind IMMEDIATELY went to Rebecca black.. "Which seat can I take?"

    >.> I need to purge my mind of that abomination of a song.
    Ugh, I hate games that do that to you. LoZ Phantom Hourglass is like that, and it's really annoying, because every time I kill that final boss it makes me watch the end credits again. :/
    It's going pretty well, aside from the trouble we've been having with the releases lately, what with the incompatibility problems some people have been having and whatnot. I'm probably going to upgrade or change the kit to CNG's soon, so it might take a while before we have a new update.
    I would probably not marry Basch. I don't tend to go for the gruff, scraggly older guys. Actually, I don't tend to go for guys in general, but eh. And I don't think I need help - I just haven't sat down and played it for a while.

    Nah, FF-III's been out a few years - well, the DS remake at least. The original is twenty-one years old.
    I only got it a few months ago. XP
    Vaan and Basch are my tanks, Fran and Penelo are healers/mages, Balthier stands at the back and shoots everything and Ashe is my superhero - she does everything.

    I mean, in terms of stats and everything, Vaan's pretty good. I don't pay much attention to how their different stats are, but he just really annoys the hell out of me. He's so . . . annoying.

    FF-III was better. <3 Refia
    Haha, fair enough. :3 I don't bite. Yeah, I've played XII, though I haven't gotten around to finishing it yet. Don't know why - it's a great game. I can't be the only one that's sick of Vaan, though, right?
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