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  • I sent you a friend request, friend requests take a while on Discord sometimes though so I don't know if you've got it yet.
    I'm not on the PC chat though, you're going to have to actually give me your username or the email you signed up with or something.

    I'm good too! I've got pretty much nothing to do since school is over, so I'm pretty much just hanging out on all my friends' groups on Discord (and also my group on Skype X3) and playing Final Fantasy all day.

    Give me your Discord, right now. >:C

    (also how's it been)
    Can I help judge your Pokémon photography event? I can link you my photography business Facebook page.
    You're willing join discord voice chats while in class, sacrificing all your focus and probably causing you to giggle so that the rest of the class looks at you like you're insane, but not skip? There's basically no difference!
    Numerous people have told me that it'll be locked if I make a celebrations thread for you skipping class, so I've been forced to downgrade your reward to a post in the User Appreciation thread.

    also your profile colors are hawt
    It's not just me yo. Every time something happens, it's to Cat Noir. I've only once seen Ladybug get hurt
    Ah cool, yeah kinda weird.

    It depends how much you like the game I guess. I've now done genocide once and pacifist twice lol.
    Uh-huh, 'looking for 20-25 year olds with 30 years experience' . . . or at least that's what it feels like. Sod off ye bastards.

    I wouldn't be coming down for graduation if I could help it, but my family's insisting. I'd be perfectly happy to graduate in absentia, and it's cheaper than relocating the whole damn family for a week, but nooooo.
    Yeah I'm job hunting at the moment, it's a load of shite. Completely employer-dominated market means they can pick and choose as they like and don't even bother getting back to you nine times out of ten. I managed to squeeze my double major into three years, so I'm graduating in May, and then . . . hell if I know. :s
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