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    Pokémon games are just too much fun to discuss. 8)
    I really like all the threads you've made in PGC. Keep it up! 8)
    ..Well whenever you see me online, I can battle you.
    Oh, & I also like to play a lot of different battle modes, I think it's more fun that way.
    Oh.. sorry.
    That's really unfortunate..
    Mm, yea, I think I'll be getting Sun version. I'm not sure which starter I'll be picking though.. but right now I really like litten. :) Um, do you play pokemon showdown? we could play together on there if you can't use your 3ds
    Yeah.. I just got back into it since pokemon sun & moon are being released soon..
    Umm can I ask why you don't wanna update?
    It means colourless! It's a plain 'ol word.
    Achromatic is a really nerdy word. Are you sure? :'(
    For a moment I thought it was made up but then I remembered... nope, it's real. lmao
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