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Soaring Sid
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  • I haven't even watched any playthrough through the game. I don't want to spoil it much.
    I've actually meant figurines you can get in Minish Cap for Mysterious Shells. I never finished it before moving to other games. Have you played Breath of the Wild? I'm really considering getting Switch just for it and new Xenoblade.
    It's always great to meet another N fan! I've been busy, but alright. How are you?
    Ah sorry about that my internet kept shutting off randomly for some reason but it's fixed now so you should be seeing me more so it won't shut off anymore.
    Welcome! And nope it's not closed yet, it's mostly just a thing for fun right now unless it ends up having significant entries for us to do a voting phase to choose the 'best' one. Yours was lovely. :3c
    I've never played Link Between Worlds, so that's something I should play soon.
    Yes, it was something that held me in the game long after I finished the story. I loved looking for secrets that were opened by the kinstones. But I don't think I've ever completed all of them.

    I also remember collecting figurines, but just like with kinstones, I was missing like 2 or 3 to complete the collection.
    Yeah, the whole Minish world was great. One of my favourite activities to do was to explore the town in Minish form. Like the pub and library are great.
    What's your favourite part about Minish Cap? I fondly remember the first temple and the boss fight. It really blew me mind that a regular enemy is now a boss just because I was small.

    As for Purrloin, yeah it's one of my favourites.
    You can just write the code out directly! So this:

    Hi hi
    Do you need help posting your dynamax photo to the site? I noticed you had deleted yours, lmk if you're not sure how to upload it =)
    Hey! Really sorry for taking so long to answer.

    I do have some recommendations! Most of them are series of books, because that's the kind of literature I usually like to read, so I hope you don't mind that.

    First, is the A Song of Ice and Fire series, otherwise known as the Game of Thrones books. I'm actually currently reading the fifth one from the collection, and I have many things to say about it. There are three things that really make me feel immersed in the narrative. The first one is the characters: I absolutely love the cast from this series. Their different personalities, the constant conflict between them, and the journeys they take really make me feel sympathetic towards pretty much all of them. The second thing is the world: It's a fascinating map, and it really makes the narrative feel alive. And last, but definitely not least, is the really complex and multi-faceted plot. One thing you should keep in mind if you ever want to read this series is there is some amount of violence, sexual content, and language in it.

    The Harry Potter books are also among my favorites. The story is so compelling, and the characters make me feel so nostalgic that I constantly find myself revisiting the wizarding world, through Pottermore and whatnot.

    And then there's also the Percy Jackson series, which I don't consider as nostalgic as HP or fascinating plot-wise as ASOIAF, but it's still a pretty action packed and fun adventure to read about.

    So these are my book series recommendations. If you're looking for individual books, I definitely recommend the Agatha Christie ones. One that I read recently was the Monogram Murders, which isn't actually by Agatha herself but by Sophie Hannah. The initial premise and how detective Poirot manages to put the jigsaw pieces together are really good!

    I hope this helped! Have good reads. :)
    That's usually a good idea, yeah! You can discuss in the Casting thread for that RP, or on Discord; many GMs set up their own server for their RP.
    In our RPs, you first go to the subforum called Roleplay Casting. The first post in each thread should tell you the plot and setting of each RP. You can also sign up there by filling out a form each GM presents.

    When you are accepted into a RP, you go to the other subforum, Roleplay Stage, to actually RP. We write RPs as collaborative fiction, basically. Take turns making posts, describing your characters reactions and actions without controlling the characters of other players.
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