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Soaring Sid
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  • Hello, Soaring Sid! I am fine, about to get a good night of sleep!
    My name ? It all started when I played a fan game, Pokémon Reborn, and saw one of its characters, a Gardevoir who happened to be a TV star : Gossip Gardevoir. This inspired me to create a Gardevoir character, working for the news her own way, fact checking things like Pokédex entries (with various success...), interviewing people and pokémon, ... You can find the character's details in my profile's "About me". ^^

    And how are you ? What about your name ?
    Oh hi! I haven't been active here much lol. But yes it was Persona 3 and Star Ocean First Departure. Haven't completed either tho :P
    Hey Sid! I don't check this site that much anymore so messages like these will take some time to be replied to heh. I'm doing good, working more these days and not having the drive to post as much here anymore, but I still love Pokemon :)

    Xenoverse lagging may be an optimization issue, since after all it's a fan game and usually not that many of them are well optimized to run on all kinds of systems. Check forums to see if anyone else suffers from the issue. Might have to download it myself soon if I get the drive to play games again heh. Does it have support for controllers? And or key bind switching by any chance?

    And thanks! All the artwork on my profile and flair were done by Fairy. She's a treat. If she's still going around making free art for people and you want one, don't hesitate to hit her up :D
    Hey Sid, it has been a long time. And thank you, I still cry over Briggs even now. He was/is a wonderful dog and I wish he could've been here for the big changes in my life.

    Hope you're well. Things have been on and off good and bad for me. 2021 hasn't liked me very much. I hope your 2021 has been going better, though!
    heya Sid! i've been really busy focusing on real life recently so i don't have anytime anymore to focus on being a regular poster here anymore. hopefully i get more time in the future though. how about you?
    it's the lack of face-to-face interaction that makes it so damn easier haha

    i keep forgetting about discord DMs too lmao i need to spend more time there :p
    Hey! New year's been fine, nothing too enticing has been going on but we're healthy. Hope you had a good one too
    Hahaha thanks! Apparently I'm good enough to be modded for online greeting, even though I'm super awful at that in real life lol. Excited to be in this position tho!
    Hello, nice hearing from you again, and happy new years.

    Eh not much, my classes aren't starting until late january so it's uneventful. I've been spending most of my time biking which is a recent hobby I got into.

    How are things with you?
    really glad to hear that! what did you take up?

    my life's been pretty same old same old tbh. i'm glad i haven't gotten anything big to do yet at work, but that'll definitely change shortly, especially when events start racking back up. still looking for a job thats home-based so i don't have to wake up 2 hours early to face commute :[
    thanks! spent 2 hours on w3schools to learn how to do it hahaha. asking others for help?? what is that?? :p

    and i go by Roni now since Roniverse my youtube channel's 5 months in a deep hiatus lol. tryna work up the drive to post content again, but i don't even know if it's gon be pokemon related still.

    happiest of new years and i wish you a superb one as well :D what's going on with Sid's life so far?
    ah i can understand that. was just checking in to make sure Sid was still alive and kicking!

    i for one have been a LOT more active in pokecommunity than i initially thought. it's this Virtual Pokemon Pet thing that's really hooking me in for some reason lol. i haven't even been playing much pokemon recently myself, just constantly talking to others that do lol. most recent game i'm playing is a romhack, pokemon unbound, since it's free, easy to run, takes up little space, and offers something new to me hehe.

    life outside of that's been pretty hectic at times as well. i guess i haven't been able to feel the full force of it yet since i'm only 22 and still live with family, but it's taken its toll every now and then. PC is sort of my get away from all that.

    anyway, i hope the last few days of your 2020 will be super :) wishing you a merry christmas! or if you don't celebrate that, just wishing you happy holidays in general. stay hydrated and take care!
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