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Soaring Sid
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  • hey ho it's been a while, and i distinctly remember you being one of the first few people to really talk to me on here and make it less daunting to socialize hehe. how've you been Sid?
    Oh hey, I have origami king

    More into ff10 at the moment so I haven't played much. But it seems good so far
    Hi there Soaring Sid!

    You always bring a smile to my face. I am glad to hear that you completed exams. I'm wishing lots of luck and success in college. That's great news! You should be very proud of yourself. I bet your family is happy about this. I'm also glad to hear that things are safe and stabilizing where you are.

    Here in the USA it really varies from state to state, but where I live things have been okay. My loved ones are all safe and well, so I am happy. Thanks for your good wishes for me, sending them right back your way, because you're awesome.

    Looking forward to seeing you around more. Welcome back!


    Sid my man! It's been a while indeed. 2 days in face since you messaged me this apparently. Sorry for late replies and infrequent visits to this place, I've been slowly losing interest in Pokemon again. It'll resurge again soon I'm sure. How bout you guys what's been happening?
    It's okay, it's nice to hear from you again.

    I've been well. I'd actually consider getting the new Paper Mario game...but it's $60, which is full price for a game.

    And those classes didn't go well at all. But it's alright, I can make improvements.

    I'm glad to hear you were selected! Congratulations.
    Hey there, long time no see. I don't know what I was expecting from 2020, but it had something to do with more of the same… improvements, new opportunities, higher stakes! I think this year is delivering so far :)
    That's an exact problem I had. There was a teacher who was not posting any grades, and it went like that for months. I hope you were able to adjust better than me. Also since your taking entrance exams I sincerely wish you the best, and I hope you get into your school of choice.

    Uhm, I'm not too sure about the Paper Mario. I don't mean to be sour, but I haven't enjoyed the new Paper Mario games very much. I received the N64 Paper Mario as a gift from the Wii Shop on my 10th birthday. It was my childhood. So when the battle systems changed I was one of those who just couldn't get into it. But that's just me. If you think you'll enjoy it go right ahead and purchase! You probably have different opinions than me which is okay.

    And I'm glad you enjoyed the festival!
    At first, it was shock, but now it's just been a blast of excitement especially from my mom. I think I hurt her feelings when she bought us pacifiers and I told her that I don't want her buying us baby stuff 'cuz I want my fiancee and I to enjoy that feeling ourselves. She got a little defensive, but she did agree.

    Well, you're still young, so you've got lots of time to think about it!

    Aww, thanks so much~! x3 I've never seen Ben 10 so I can't say xD I just made some anglerfish merbeast, I dunno. Just let whatever happened happen and that creature was spawned. I wanna do more Homestuck stuff (and I have an idea for a GamTav animatic), but I can't really plan anything. I'm a horrible planner.

    Speaking of artistic endeavors, how's your writing been going? And schooling?
    Why thank you! Unfortunatley I can only log on every couple of days with uni eating most of my time up, plus I'm moving cities pretty soon too, but I'll make sure to to stay at least a bit active
    Anyway, yeah, Fire-Types are the bomb. Bug Types are pretty cool. Either way, Stealth Rocks suck.
    From what I can see on your profile, you're a Mystery Dungeon fan? Then we have at least one thing in common. Sceptile is a bro.
    And screw Skuntank
    Teehee, thank you. I'll be breaking the news to my mom and grandmom on Mother's Day. They're going to crap themselves cuz I've said for a looooong time that I never wanted to have kids, haha.
    What about you? Want kids some day?

    You don't have to! But honestly, having someone to fanboy beside me would be amazing 'cuz I don't know anyone who loves Homestuck atm. xD It's just suuuuper long.
    Yeah. Troy is amazing like that. He doesn't do anime anymore though, mostly just VG and stuff now. I want to watch FMA: B now for the sake of him now that I know he's actually in it. OwO
    That's really cool, dude! That sort of stuff is my jam. It's really awesome :3

    I'm doing okay. I'm in a much better place and my fiance and I are looking forward to having children soon, so even though everything is different than I thought it would be, I'm still happy and feeling good about the future.

    Ahaha, fair enough. Homestuck is pretty old and suuuuper long. I never even finished it. I was right at the cusp of the end and stopped reading xD But the trolls are the best part. <3
    Nooo, don't hurt me like this xD I don't want to think about Hughes and Nina, it's so sad. Especially because Hughes's voice actor recently passed away :( That was so upsetting. I loved Hughes so much.
    Oh, very cool! What sort of field are you wanting to go into?
    As for me, I haven't been in school for years. I went to college to get into veterinary medicine, but a lot of mental illnesses and chronic problems prevented me from continuing. Then my mentally ill ass decided "hey, I'mma get TWO jobs". Yeah, great idea me, you idiot. That didn't go over well. So my life is very different now than I thought it would be and I've decided to be a writer instead.

    Ahaha, right? He's super cool looking. Especially with his Lusus. Two very handsome bois :3
    FMA is soooo good, are you watching the OG anime or the Brotherhood one? And that's awesome that you're still working on schooling! I don't know if I've ever asked, but what are you going to school for?

    Ahaha, yep, that's my handsome fishy boi right there xD I love him, even though he's a total jackass tool, lmao.
    Hey man! Glad to hear back from you!

    It's going well. I've suddenly become obsessed with Eridan Ampora after not reading Homestuck in like 4 years, so that's weird. But hey, fangirls gonna fangirl, lmao. What you been up to? :D
    It's okay, don't worry about the time gap.

    Thanks. The avatar is Kooper from Paper Mario, which is a game I loved as a kid. Honestly not sure how long I'll keep it. The classes are going poor. I've never been so unmotivated.

    I hope you enjoyed the festival!
    hehe thank you! i love her so much, she is too cute ;_; and i'm doing okay! other than mom getting a slight salary reduction, we're very fortunate to still be mostly okay during all of this. all the best to you too<3
    Howdy! Always nice to have some buddies around these forums. I'mma be on again off again though lmao; mostly here now because work sched got freed up a la covid style.

    Also yes. I'm holding a bottle right now. But don't worry I control myself. I swear.
    No worries, you came back in good time I think. I'm sometimes quite slow to reply actually. I'm a milotic after all, and our base speed isn't the highest :p

    I know exactly which picture you meant, just keeping the game going. A feebas is milotic in the early days after all :)

    It's great to be around you too. You're the kind one! I hope your week has gotten off to a good start. /Hugs

    You take care too! I'll see you in off-topic, and look out for your latest pranks in Trivia.


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