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  • The vacation's going great! Itis nearing its end,though. Studied a lot, started a nuzlocke and read two books. That's it. Enjoy your work, it's the best way to go through it.
    Hoi! For the vacation, the school asked us to read 1984. It's the dystopian sci-fi novel by George Orwell. I'm finding it to be a good read, didn't get bored so far. Hows life, anyway?
    Never mind the delay! You must have been busy or what not...By the way, thanks a lot! I finished the The Lord Of The Rings series and Dune as well(the latter's a series also, but i started another series because i wanted to check something else). I've heard a lot of A Song Of Ice And Fire this year because few of my classmates started the series... And of course the Harry Potter series is awesome and i'm currently in the goblet of fire book. It's fresh no matter how many times you read it!! And the Percy Jackson series, i finished it four years back. Currently, I'm reading Hyperion by Dan Simmons, It's a sci-fi series with three other books.
    Hey hope your day's going well! Can you recommend me any book you've read that you'd want others to read as well ?
    I'm a warlock and this is actually something my familiar can do.

    Just kidding, you can do it with this code:
    Text, image, link, etc. where you want to show it

    It looks like this:
    Text, image, link, etc. where you want to show it
    so basically you just put this into the avatar part of your flair:

    "insert url here" is where you put in the url that you make at sites like these ones. The ?_RNG is something you manually put on the end of the url in order to make the image rotation actually work for avatars on PC.
    Sure. Once I have access to my desktop again when I get home from work I'll share the CSS with you
    Super. If you have particular questions regarding how to carry things out just ask all around. I can mostly help with developing the worldbuilding and the characters, but other members are better with eg.: plot or battle.
    Like being focused on going on the road and adventuring, and spend little time or requiring little things from towns as "stations" as possible, so you can limit the exposure to about exactly what you want from them (a Gym challenge for example).
    If it's your first story it mostly depends on what do you plan to get from the writing and what other experience you already have. Featuring the canon regions / locations / characters means you have less work to do on showing and explaining where the characters are and what is the general context around, but also limits you to what people expect to see when they see the locales featured (say, Johto).

    As a middle ground, depending on what is the story about and if you don't specifically need a city, have you thought of the story be on-the-road?
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