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  • He is...?! I thought Hazel was the one with the pink dog mask. So... what's her name? I've really got to pay more attention. But for me, Number Five and Klaus are the best. I love Artemis Fowl-type characters and humour is always endearing.


    Here's the first! Sometimes the website says it can't be loaded, but just keep reloading and it should work. You'll never need to click the reload button more than eight times... probably.

    It's seriously violent, though. Fair warning. You're gonna see a lot of entrails, so you might wanna soap out your eyeballs before bed. Personally, I'm gonna flip through the Scott Pilgrim visual novel. Nostalgia!
    Ohhhhhh, so the guy in your avatar is Cha Cha! I've only just watched the first three episodes of Umbrella Academy, and so far it's awesome. Made all the more interesting by reading the comic. Have you read it yet?

    thanks for rolling the challenge for Kimborelli. And are you enjoying your Bingo challenges?
    Aha, he's saying 'pirates!' I just finished watching it again, and it's such a brilliant movie. Jason Isaac absolutely slayed the role of Hook, and you'd be surprised how closely the film followed the book. Another rhyme, urgh. The book, incidentally, is a masterpiece. It's very old-fashioned but it's got so much truth in it. Here is a link...!
    The Father and Daughter song there by Paul Simon is something I grew up with, so it's basically steeped in nostalgia. I found that Walking in Memphis song at the end of an X-Files episode, lmao. A good one, as it turns out. Not as good as the D.P.O episode. That was was epic.

    What?! I knew I recognised him, but Samwise...?! Mindboggling. That episode was just so suspenseful, wasn't it? The scariest so far. And I like how the creators make you so attached to everyone, and make it fully impossible to hate any of 'em. I'm really looking forward to seeing how Billy pans out for Season 3. And Erica! She's flipping hilarious. Will seriously needs a haircut too, right.

    And yeah, I wasn't too fond of Steve at the start but his character development was among the best.

    Same! It's gets tiresome chatting to adults all the time, and especially in real life. You just want to sink down on a sofa bed and play Super Smash Bros with someone and talk about He-Man, Star Wars, Spider-Man and, curiously enough, Peter Pan (so many rhymes). It seems childish, but I am really preoccupied with the Peter Pan world, lmao.

    How about you? Do you have any quaint obsessions too?
    I admire people who can play chess. It's such a sophisticated, intellectual game, so yeah! You should definitely join one. I, unfortunately, can barely handle checkers. There was a bit of a prodigy thing going on there but then I ran out of tea and the fluke crashed down.

    My taste is pretty varied, but here are... a lot of samples. Working your way through them at your leisure, if at all. Just keep them in mind if your playlist suddenly gets a bit dull.

    Well, if you ever become a machine gun toting gangster in Chicago, it'll serve as a nifty name to go under. Personally, I'll be Smithy 'Give me that gun' Malone Sloane Jones. I'll have a hook for a hand and a prosthetic leg that I take off to beat people up with. They'll never see it coming.

    Righto. Studies and whatnot, I suppose? I basically only come on here when I'm not writing. It's my sole addiction. Along with music, movies, drawing, et cetera. But if you ever want some music recommendations, I've got trillions under my sleeve.

    And I'm doing really well! Got a lot to look forward to - Stranger Things 3 and Spider-Man 2 and stuff, and getting back into cardio and singing. Currently growing some freckles, if that's of any interest, which it isn't, so there's that too lmao. (And I have a habit of writing really long replies, so I may become kinda exhausting..!)
    Yo! And indubitably. It's what they're going to play at my funeral, followed by Aqua's Barbie Girl because that'd be flipping epic.

    It's been a while! So wassup, Wall Street? (That is the most imaginative, snappy, cool, businesslike nickname for someone called Wallace in the universe, and if someone has the gall to say that they came up with it first, remind them who the true progenitor is)
    I'm lgbt too. I am a female with a major crush on Korrina from pokemon (annd trust me i love her enough that she's like a real person to me xD it counts for sure in my book^^).

    I'm so happy we're friends! Thank you! :3

    I support being kind to all kinds of people too. I hate it when people are predj and mean soooo much. It seems like such a waste of the gift of life to me....
    Judging by your member title, you're a my little pony fan too? :D I would like to be your friend! I'm a pony fan, myself. Also, your post i the lgbtq+ club made me smile :) It was so positive. I like reading positive things ^_^
    Cool, no problem at all mate, but really appreciate the heads up! Write whatever you like ;)
    Haha, cheers. Internet is horrible here, and it kept crashing on my phone while I was typing, so I had to start over again and again. For sloppy I guess ;)
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