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  • He mainly uses it in his Youtube channel when he posts highlights of the streams or when he's announcing a stream.
    How do you like TPP? :o Do the open world mechanics fit in well? I've already finished MGS4, so I'm playing Peace Walker right now. I'm not sure when I'll buy MGSV. Might wait until Ground Zeroes goes on sale if it doesn't take too long.
    It has that jazzy soul vibe to it. I've kinda just grew to like this theme from the amount of times Maximilian Dood uses it in his videos lol.
    Yeah I probably shouldn't have been throwing those out like that, but Falcon Punch is a fun move {XD}

    But no I was trying to win in that one, it's just that Falcon's not a character I'm used to using yet so....

    Also 3DS feels a bit weird now since I've gotten used to playing on the Wii U version
    You wanna do it in 20 minutes then? And if not then I'm basically free anytime too.
    When would be a good time for you to do our 3DS matches for the Smash tournament?
    Good matches :) I forgot to change the controls on my cousins 3Ds so I kept grabbing instead of dodging and vice versa xD That last combo was nice.
    K getting on. I'll be playing on my cousins ID though because I forgot my 3Ds.
    Hey, when would you like to do our match-ups? I'm free anytime today, anytime after 4 or 8pm tomorrow depending, and I might be free all day Saturday.
    You should, pretty awesome game so far. I've yet to play it with my gtx 960 4gb but it should run good. Do you pc game? what gpu do you have?
    I see, might give it a chance. I also have Deus Ex Human Revolution and I'm stuck at a stealth part.
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