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  • So any flags above 0x1200 can be used, like 0x1203, 0x1204, 0x12AC 0x1321.
    I have never hit a limit, but I did try to 0x1500 and everything worked fine.
    Short response:
    I'd say just use anything from 0x1200-0x1300 and there shouldn't be any issues with anything else.
    Long response
    Haha the pixelizing work is hardly done. It's impossible!!!
    Can u give me some infomation about your Primo. Is he a cold man or a cheerful man, or else? Which emotion do you like on Primo face? (His clothes look similar to Norman)
    Thanks. If you need some trainer sprites (especially female) and you feel that I could help you, please call me.
    They say "But nothing happened" when Splash is used, but really everything happened as the shocking lack of power was embedded into our child minds and would stick with us for several years.
    Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary!
    I felt a bit of agressiveness in your comment ._. ... but thanks, i guess.
    Oh, I just realized something. I have an old version of NSE, so the ability to insert images isn't there. The reason for that being I downloaded an old pack that holds all of the zip files for the tools that I use.

    Thank you though! I also took a look at your tutorial which was helpful!
    I forgot to mention that I see a bunch of red lines where the grade should be. I also sent a VM to Doesn'tKnowHowtoPlay where I explained a little differently.
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