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  • No problem, I will be online untill 10:30pm your time today, if you can't make it we can try again tomorrow :)
    If you are available we can trade right now, I will be online for quite some time. I will add you right now as well :)
    Magneton used to have the most resistances of all Pokémon before Generation VI, but it looks a lot better than Magnezone and it learns Tri-Attack which is one of my favourite moves! It's been one of them since the very beginning! I like Vaporeon as well! Acid Armour was a cool move to use for it!
    lol Soapie! You made me smile today. Rip lvl 91 Dodrio. Forever alone ohohoho!

    Glad to see we're friends! I suppose it'd be best for me to say hello and that I like Magneton!
    Thank you too! Need a bit of time to think of a nickname so I'll get back to you. @w@ I'll let you know when Swampert is done too.
    Hahah that's alright, I got like a million of them. ;3 Lemme clone him once for you and then I'll be back on!
    Oh also! I will probably properly EV train Axolotl before I put him in my collection, would you like that version back? If so I'll send you one clone of him currently so you still have him (jsut in case), and then I'll send clones of the EVed version later!
    Of everything? Gotcha! I thought I was cloning more than just two haha. I'll be done soon!
    Hahah all good (I'm cooking breakfast @w@)! I've got Swablu cloned so I can hop on and do the trades as well as cloning! (Also please remind me how many clones you wanted of everything??)
    Hi hi! I just woke up but I could trade you Cottonee and do cloning for you in a few mins!
    You too! I've been looking forward to these two quite a bit~ And thank you! I'll check it out! c:
    Sorry for the wait! I'll be back online in a sec and I'm happy to trade with ya~
    Eheh, thanks so much for the kind review! Trades don't always go so smoothly due to my time zone, but it's good to see some people have good experiences. ;w;
    Whew, thanks so much!! Excited to train these two. c: Let me know if you'd like anything else, I'm always in need of breeders! c:
    Can do! Should be only a few minutes (trying to move stuff around haha).
    Agh sorry, I was taking care of some things. @@ Hahah all good! I haven't cloned the Pokemon yet but can do so in a few minutes!
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