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  • Hey Squirtlenator~

    I love Terminator Judgement Day the most, however I did love too Terminator Salvation as well. Thank you I'm trying my best to be more social as I can be on the fourm. I'm not so good around people due to having C-PTSD from so called people hurting in so many ways over the years online the most and some in person as well. Some sadly were traumatic for me thus I actually fear people now. I have no social life and joined PC to practice my social skills and talk with people. I'm not desperate for friendship nor love if it happens, it happens. If not I already made my peace being alone and single the rest of my life and really don't mind nor regret it and be lonely having no one but my family. If you knew what countless people done to me, you then understand why I'd consider that as a choice. Apologies I didn't mean to sound depressive, just telling the truth.
    Ah, thanks for being so accomadating.

    And absolutely it's doable! I'll definitely be able to make the profile and flair feel very Sci-Fi Grunge and try to make something neat with the reference photos, or at least incorporate everything you mentioned in some way. It's one of my favorite aesthetics next to pastel rainbow so I got you covered man, no worries! >:]

    I uhhh hahaha.. have barely started! Right now I'm using the hotspot on my phone but with no power I can't charge it so I have to be very sparing with internet usage.. rip. (´°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥ω°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥`)
    Just wanna say that I got your message and I will do my best but the damn power / internet has been out forever now and I can't do any coding on mobile to save my life.

    Sorry for the wait! (。・ω・。)ノ♡
    "Pikablu".. one of the many Pokémon myths of the 90s that I believed in with all my heart. I love it. (´▽`ʃƪ)♡
    I got an idea! Since you like water types and I like fairies, lets raise an Azumarill together! It's on my coming next list anyway. <33 I'll go ahead and post my stats and make sure to let everyone know it's a tag team, then you do the same whenever you get around to it. I'll link it to ya when I'm done. :)

    Yay!! I'm so excited! But since I'm choosing the Pokemono, you get to name it, fair deal? Huehuehue

    Just keep in informed if you get inspired and I'll do my profile magic~
    Tag team is easy! We just agree on a Pokemon and both fill out stats like normal VPPs, the only difference is we tell them it's a tag team! So, you got a 'mon in mind? :)

    Haha, you know me pretty well already. While I do have some stuff on my plate (exciting things for VPP too!!) I always make time for art, so I'd be happy to help you figure out a design you like. I have a second account specifically for profile building, Dreadqueen and a whole (old) thread in the Art Studio about profile making with some examples of my work in case you're interested in seeing them. Otherwise, just let me know what kind of look you're going for and I'll make it happen!
    interested in doing a VPP tagteam with me or are you already working on one?

    also, now that you're a supporter to get fancy new profile privileges -- so let me know if you ever want a custom profile! :D
    Hello, I don't mean to bother you I just wanted to say hi and say your username and icon makes me smile everytime I look at it. I assume you like it because of the Terminator theme behind it? Unless I'm mistaken and it's something else, then my apologies. I love the Terminator franchise is why your icon and username is cool to me. Well I won't keep you I hope you have a good rest of the day/night. Please take care and see you around PC~
    Ahhh, thank you so much! I'm so, so happy you like the thread and that it's going well for you. I'm always available to answer questions even if I can't do the coding myself at the moment so please feel free to reach out if you ever need it! (´▽`ʃƪ)♡
    Hey! Have you been getting along well with your new thread? Unfortunately my computer completely died on me and I can't do much coding but I'm for sure still around to help if you need any! ♡

    Omg we're not PC friends yet hang on while I fix that immediately!!
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