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Starry Windy
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  • Crayola Scoot eh? That's a cute name for a game, haha. Glad you enjoyed it!

    Maybe you can post in VG about it! Perhaps in the VG DCC. Someone might like it if you bring it up there.
    I am! And yeah, me too. :)
    Thank you! And don't worry, I still appreciate it. <3
    yes, the new sheep is too cute! and the direct was great in general. *^* did you like what you saw?
    I'm sure he'll be happy to hear that. Well, hang in there! Your TV will come back soon enough.
    Ahh. I'll look them up later, they seem interesting. I know my friend enjoyed Tetris 99, though, and he was surprised with how much he enjoyed it, too.
    I've played Kirby and Smash Ultimate! My friend let me on our most recent game night. Man, that was fun. I've heard of Puyo Puyo but not Fairune. Are either of them good?
    Ah yeah! The Switch's handheld functionality is a lifesaver. And of course, YouTube is always there. What games do you have on your Switch?
    That's weird. I would change ISPs in that position. But hm, with no Netflix, what do you do in place of TV watching?
    I'll put some of these in my Netflix watchlist then! Haha

    That reminds me, do you have Netflix? It could still be played on mobile devices, so I suppose it could act as a replacement TV of sorts.
    Whoa, those sound really vague, but I feel like I can get a picture of what those shows were. TLC that airs stuff like that. Sometimes BBC does, too, if I'm not mistaken. Do some of these ring a bell?
    I see. Kind of like the late Anthony Bourdain's show. I like watching those shows, too. From what you've seen, do you have any recommendations?
    Like Masterchef? Or something else haha. Either way, that's too bad. I would be sad if I missed something like the Tennis Open because of TV repairs.

    I just woke up, by the way. Let me know if you're there, too. :)
    I see :( That is a bummer. I hope it does get sorted out soon. Have you been watching anything lately that you might not be able to catch because of it? I hope not.

    Thank you! It was really nice to talk to you again. We will, for sure. :)
    I see, that is a peculiar problem. :o In what way exactly is your TV malfunctioning?

    I'm glad to hear that. I'm doing great, as well! It's almost midnight where I live though, so I'll have to sleep soon. I'd love to talk more in the near future, though. :)
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