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Starry Windy
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  • Windyyyy! :D Happy Birthday!! ^_^

    yeah the disaster was just so bad... Let's offer them prayers..
    But yeah it's a relief that you are all safe and sound Windy. Parth worries about you too.. So I had to come and check c: U be strong ok..
    Hi Windy! I heard about what happened to Palu, Indonesia... I am hoping and praying that you are okay...
    Reply soon as u read this... Keep safe wherever you are...
    Of course, It was at 6am here! Perfect time for me. Yeah, I wonder if they'll be a new AC stage now..
    Goodbye Windy, I am leaving forever because I got banned from the Discord server for racial abuse. I still have Tumblr and Twitter if you wish to keep in touch.
    Well, I got chosen for Team Bulu, though I'm not as active in threads as I used to so I may not participate this time. Even then, I'm still betting we won't be on the same team.
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