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  • Looking forward to it. Not in a blabbermouth way, though, lmao.

    It's always fun to have a few new ideas to spice up a story. My last one was a vast improvement on its predecessor, but it got a bit too... edgy? Well, it's embarrassing. The key impetus was a German/Austrian character. And if ya want, I wouldn't mind having a read of your vampire story. It sounds interesting.
    Really? Hrmm. Well I'd like to read the tweet, and see if people are just getting hysterical again. Everyone is a wuss, trying to get offended on somebody else's behalf so that they feel moral or whatever. Over-reacting to everything is a sure way to fatigue. People's sense of proportions are so twisted. They'll scream foul over the tiniest thing, but when it comes to the big problems... like, do any of them give a crap about Aboriginal people or the plight of starving children? Maybe in a generalised way. 'Oh yeah, I feel sorry for them', but they'd rather waste energy over someone on Twitter than to redirect it to something more important.

    The newfound cynicism! Oh how it oozes!

    Yeah, Annie showed me. It seems cool - I'll give it a read once I've finished Chaos Walking and stuff. It's epic how he's diversifying!
    Yeah, it's completely mental! And I know what you mean. Being obsessed with people is awesome. It's sort of frowned upon as being shallow, but celebrating another human being who makes you feel good for whatever reason... it's pure, dammit! And hey, everyone's gotta feel good somehow.
    I'm jeaaaaaaaaaalous. Being acknowledged by someone you admire sounds epic. It's like confirmation that you're alive, and they're alive, and lives can intersect in the smallest ways from the largest distances. How weird. Happy for you!

    ...albeit feeling very dead inside, lmao. It's getting way worse. Even in bouts, it's like being sucked into a black hole. Enjoyment is a bit scant nowadays, and hrmm... don't know how to fix it. All the repairs are like band-aids - they last a little while, then they get wet and fall off. And you can't get the past back, and the future is smoky and there's not much comfort in it. I don't like real life very much and the distractions are rubbish.

    Sorry to load you with my problems! They're lame-ass and hard to articulate, but I feel like I'm deteriorating really fast. Also feel like I'm trapped in a body and mind that I despise.
    You can definitely perceive intelligence in other people's eyes. Aidan comes across as a brainbox. Actors are generally very intelligent people, and especially comedians. But Tom Holland seems a bit like a dazed kid, lmao. Still, there are so many different kinds of intelligence. Someone can seem like a dolt, but perhaps on another plane of thinking they're very perceptive. I really like Tom Cruise because his eyes are bright and smart, like he's processing everything and not caught up in a tangle of thoughts. I'm getting a bit preoccupied with actors - it's kind of weird.

    Aidan is really cool. Looking forward to seeing how his career pans out.
    Awesome! I always forget how much of a kick to the heart that song is. He played it epic-ly. Though I'm a bit miffed that people younger than me get murderously good jaws and I'm stuck with a miserable one. Jaw extensions! That's the key. Someone should market that, if they haven't already.

    Time to go do some exercise. It's been ages and I'm looking forward to being able to make my bed without wheezing.
    I did see that a Season 2 was on its way YASSSSSSSSSSS, I cannot wait. My actual favourite is White Violin because that internal monologue oh my days...................
    I guess he could be. I hadn't thought about it like that, actually. My suspicion was that he might have just gone a tad stir-crazy from living alone in the future, but yeah... Asperger's does seem to fit, doesn't it.
    Oh, brilliant! Asperger's is so goddamn interesting. I'm about to do one, with my next project. Which doesn't currently exist but blergh. Still, I'd read a story about twins on the spectrum. Sounds interesting. Do they get along or...?
    Love interest of Finn Wolfhard...?! Questionably interesting. Okay, I'd read it.

    Right now I'm into River Phoenix as a face claim. He's got the added tang that comes with tragedy. But otherwise, I'm so dry. Everyone's a sock.
    He is completely epic. And if you're doing something with a few child characters, Stranger Things is not without some really cool actors to use as templates. Finn Wolfhard has an amazing face, and Millie Bobby Brown is shaping out to be one heck of a beauty. Noah Schnapp's eyes are delightfully creepy, also.

    And that's a shame. It's such an amazing book. Looking to watch the movie, but in about twenty movies, it'll be Mission Impossible III! It's very fun.
    AGREED. Those kinds of characters are always tops. And on a different note, I recently read A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness, and I think you should read it. I mean, yeah, it's kind of heavy, but it's beautiful and the prose is easily deciphered. Getting a PDF should be easy-peasy pumpkin-pie, but I can send you one if you want. He's the same dude who wrote the Chaos Walking series. Upcoming movie, yo. Tom Holland and Daisy Ridley!

    And hey wassup.
    Yeah, that's always the important thing. 2019 was supposed to be all about trying, really. Learning new stuff, striking conversations, not being a total twerp.

    Have you tried using writing prompts before? (Can't remember if I've asked this) Even ones you make yourself? Like: "There is _____ under my bed". That's actually how I got my monologue done at the last minute. Granted, it might not work for everyone, but you could be surprised at what you come up with.

    ...and I'll be taking a wee break from PC. I'm heading over to my family's place in about a month, and I won't have time to come on. I'll try and wean off before then, though. It's cutting into my productivity and creativity. Still, I'll come on for the odd hello if real life turns out to be staggeringly dull!
    Thats really cool! I miss all of those brilliant cartoons - Fairly OddParents, especially. Cosmo is despicably relatable. And Tom & Jerry is still a favourite. The memories...! Watching Cartoon Network used to be my reason for existence.

    And I'm not a finalist. Got the e-mail yesterday. They said they had a lot of submissions and they were all really good, so my dreams have been dashed across the slippery rocks of... judges. But nah, I don't really care. I've lost the capacity for these kinds of things.
    Same! I was going to wean myself off, or at least spend my time more productively. And don't worry about it. Stuff to do! People to see!

    And no news if I got accepted or not. It'll probably be... another two weeks? Still, you'll be the first to know if I'm a finalist! Weirdly enough, I called my main character Arthur Lee - the middle name of Gerard Way and his maternal surname. A little creepy but nothing that can't be forgiven. It's a homage, dude!

    And that's cool. Internet writers tend to frighten me off because they're really clinical about things, and quick to dissect posts. But it's very neat if you've found a good supportive community. It's no good hacking at the bonsai tree before if it's even sprouted, right?
    Had a dream where I got hugged by a 4 foot Gerard Way. Choked the life out of me, but it's one for the journal, lmao.
    Hesitant Alien is my new favourite album. It's just... fantastic. He's got these psychedelic lyrics going on and every song is doomed to be repeated a hundred times. He's got a perfect balance of repetition going on, really.

    Awesome! And I get you there - it's shitty not having enough money to pick up this and that when you want/need them. It turns life into such a god damn waiting game. Still, something has gotta crop up someday. It's better to be a go-getter in this life, but we've all got your walls.

    And I send it in my monologue! Ah yeah! It'll be a while yet before I get confirmation, and since it's sort of a glib, dark, Napoleon Dynamite-esque delve into suicide, it might not get through to the finals.

    "Have a song," they said randomly
    Absolutely. I've love to send more than a letter, though. Like, a drawing or a cover of me doing one of his songs, lmao. Have you listened to Baby, You're a Haunted House, or Millions? They're excellent. Also, I tried doing screamo a couple of days ago. It shreds your chest, but it's good fun. I've got a knack for it.

    Not very familiar with K-pop/J-pop stars. But it's always good to have a new hero.

    Yeah, mixing old ideas with new ones is a great way of fleshing out a story. Go for it, even if integration is a bit awkward. It's only your first draft. It doesn't have to be perfect.
    Yeah, it was cool! Very slice-of-life-y and feel-good. It's sort of hard for me to critique 'cause we've got such disparate writing styles, but I've seen some progress from your last work and it's sizing up nicely. I'd like to show you something of mine, except none of it is quite right yet. When I create something I'm halfway proud of, I'll share a paragraph or two.

    And whether I win or lose this contest, I'm gonna send Gerard Way a letter. I never thought that he'd turn into such an inspiration, but he has. You get attached to people, like Jude Law and Tom Holland and stuff, and they are brilliant, but Gerard is a very special kind of soul. I'd be bloody pleased if he read my as-of-yet-unwritten letter.
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