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  • MCR. I haven't really listened to them. But I hear good things.
    I did like a few albums by escape the fate when they did a more pop metal sound. :)
    That's awesome. I never really make playlists. I just pick and album and let it rip.
    My Christmas was good for the most part.

    I already spent the Chrissy money on some clothes online lol.

    I just bought a dark funeral and marduk band shirts. Both Swedish black metal bands.
    Hi I hope you had a fab Christmas! :)

    Just changing my set atm to a south korean girl group I adore
    that I created. Well more or less fan art but still.

    Listening to Black crown initiate from the states :)
    damn. you must be pretty blessed then to not have to keep searching for the perfect set of products to make your skin look the best. also i searched up witch hazel and i was not expecting to see yellow tentacle-y flowers lol what are those things

    what's weird is me and my gf generally had pretty decent skin in college, but started breaking out sometime this year. like, we didn't change our routine/products at all for the longest time, it just randomly happened. i dunno if it was the pandemic and having to stay home all day, or the change in stress in our environment, or what. but yeah anyway thanks for sharing. we'll keep looking and testing around hehe.
    drop your routine fam. and maybe some advice? me and my gf have been suffering from constant pimples and we don't seem to be getting anywhere following Hyram's advice lol (some skincare youtuber that my gf and her friends religiously follows)
    I guess I am more an Americanised Australian when it comes to music haha. What other music genres do you like?
    Hi. I am adding you, since you dig rap music. I don't know anyone that likes rap in Australia, where I am from. Besides Hill Top Hoods, Bliss and Eso and Phrase
    All Australian rap groups. I like some Aussie rap groups, but I grew up on American Hip-Hop like Snoop Dogg, Nas, Method Man, Redman, DMX, Busta Rhymes etc.
    It's nice to meet you nonetheless :)
    I've played pokemon the same way since I was a little kid and I have trouble getting away from that. I play like ash, so I catch 6 pokemon gradually and occasionally I might swap. i tried a monotype run but felt like "this doesn't feel right". I have to give it another chance.

    Monocolor sounds lots of fun. As for crystal i'm in kanto now, might make a few team changes but corsola is staying.
    The last time I did a nuzlocke was Platinum really early this year. I made it to the elite four and my entire team started getting picked off by critical hits. When my starter died to a critical hit too, I just turned the whole game off.

    I feel the same way, and it's why I like normal types so much. They can do pretty much anything. Corsola is fun and has some unique moves like spike cannon and recover. I was actually looking for a mantine, then started fishing and found corsola. I realized "wait this thing is cute" and now it's on my team instead.

    I'm at clair and it's been doing perfectly fine. Not even lagging behind at all.
    idk, do you like rap? lmao

    no i swear, i just wanted to make a thread where people potentially discussed instead of just posted and went ahha
    Your right about it being underappreciated, i feel the same way about spinda in gen 3. Its stats are low but it has such a fun movepool, it can do pretty much anything and run all sorts of moves. And every one has unique spots.

    Out of curiosity, how far are you in the file? Actually speaking of unique pokemon, i'm using a corsola for my water type. It's adorable. I probably could have picked literally anything else, but this is way more fun.
    It's a really cool and unique team. Ledian isn't used much so it's a great thing to see, I also love ledian. And the name is really good too

    I've been playing Crystal for the last few days. I spent a couple hours resetting the egg from the day care, so I got a shiny elekid.
    Hi, if you don't mind me asking, are the pokemon in your signature one of your teams?

    I saw it had ledian and thought it was really cool.
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