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  • we only have four pages. I am confused but then I remembered my py account was deleted.
    Congrats on your Spooky Challenge! I'm glad that it was enjoyable overall and that you lucked out right there at the end, honestly that was great karma for that one rule you got :) You really got into the spirit of this challenge imo~
    I'll prob buy on PC next year when it's on sale or something. I'm also curious about Xillia but I need to make sure my PS3 still works.
    That's... really amazing! And thanks for the kind words... I not only admire Eleanor a lot but I find her very relatable in so many different ways, which is why I just decided to go by her name here on the forums.
    If you see me around a lot and don't know how to talk to people though... aren't you Challenges's older mod? 🤩
    I hope I'm doing ok~
    Binging a series will do that to ya! One of these days I gotta play Symphonia since it's still so loved after all these years.
    i'm dying omg ;lsdkfk;ljfsd
    I'm 90% sure I had a similarly cheesy song from a freddi fish game
    I am enjoying it a bunch, and it's actually my first Tales game. My partner got it for me for my birthday and I'm getting close to the end... Probably gonna be another couple of years before I really get into an RPG story again. I wish I had gotten into the Tales series earlier because I have a feeling it may be hard to go back to some of the more dated but loved games after playing the most recent one should I choose to.
    same tbh. i also can't remember most of the songs i had, besides a bunch of chrono trigger and donkey kong country songs
    hopefully the successor to dubtrack will be just as good and we can start building our playlists again!
    aww man i miss those dubtrack days, good times. your playlists were so good too :'(
    Attendance was spotty even before this, though a store about 20 minutes away from the shop I ran the league at closed down due to over extending itself financially, so there could be potential players when things start back up.

    I've been alright. i started a TCG league in december and have had it on pause since my local game store shut its play area down in March. I haven't really bought any cards since because i've been basically in "minimize my exposure area" mode by only going to work, the store, and home 99% of the time. might drop the league because attendance was hella spotty but idk
    haha yeah! somewhere along the line I ended up modding a whole bunch of stuff, lol. i'd be lying if i said i wasn't having wicked fun.

    I noticed you were posting more and I was so happy to see your username floating about the forum!! <3 and I'm doing well -- you know how life be sometimes. work, pandemic, etc. what about you? any exciting stories to tell since your hiatus? :D
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