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  • Oh wow, that's cool. I'm up in beautiful Sydney.

    I've been into Pokemon since I first watched the anime at age 7. Didn't play the games until Ruby & Sapphire though, but I managed to play the entire 4th Generation as well as Black. I might get Black 2 later this year and I do plan on picking Oshawott as my starter again.

    I finished the main story of Black just 13 days after starting. Oh god the story was epic. You should browse around the forum and you might make some new friends.
    Sure, I'd love to be friends. It'll be great~ Haha yea I've visited your profile. You're living in Australia? I'm in Australia as well, studying in Monash University, Melbourne. What a coincidence ^^
    If you want to VM someone properly, click their username and send the VM on their profile.

    Don't worry, I know you're only new but I have almost 20 months experience greeting new users, surprised you didn't accept my friend request yet but hey, I love 5th Gen's characters a lot. Are you already playing or planning on getting Black 2/White 2?

    And yeah, I love Unova's starters, especially Oshawott. It was the anime that made me love him. Tepig's adorable too, I have a friend who likes Tepig.
    Hey Hikari! :)

    I've been a pokefan since....I don't remember when, but I'd say a Very long time.

    Yup, I do. I also currently tend to lean more towards the 5th gen. There has been awesome new pokemon as well as an equally awesome storyline to the game!

    I agree, Oshawott's cute! :3 And so is Tepig. I like Snivy in the anime, but not in-game as I dislike Grass-types in my teams.
    Wanna be friends? I won't bite and we can talk about Pokemon together?

    If you look at my profile, you can tell I'm a Black and White fan.
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