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  • College is almost over. ^^;

    Anyway, yes I am sweetie; Ice, IceCrystal, IceBlue. Those are the three hacks. XD
    Well, hope the storm isn't too bad.

    But what kind of Johto Pokemon do you think would look good with Drew and Harley?

    Edit: Whoa, isn't it hard to believe that its almost Summer 08? XD;
    Well sweetie, college is slowly coming to an end. I'm doing really well, and planning to get back to work on my projects. x3
    Goes it good.
    Pretty soon we will be able to play music on our profiles, what a dread that would be on the server :x

    But, how are things going on your end? Any blackouts from the mega storm you told me about the other night on MSN? XD;

    Edit: Oh, and have you been to the Serebii home page recently? One of the new upcoming Japanese episodes involves the Wallace Cup and a Yanmega. I think Yanmega looks good with May's Emerald clothing. And, seeing as how Yanma evolves into Mega, Ma being a Johto Poke, and May going to Johto after the Battle Frontier.. Think Yanmega might be hers? Or just some random coordinator that made it to the finals?
    At least randomness caused new mail with these visitor messages that are similar to MySpace comments :o
    XD; Hey.
    Hi sweetie! It's been awhile, then again I haven't been on PC do to college and critical financial problems. ><; How are you? =3
    Thank you! :D

    Agreed. \o/ You should join the GS/AA social group club thingy if you're a fan~
    Hey there~

    The only thing now that separates MySpace from PokeCommunity now is auto-playable music that (obviously) starts playing whenever someone visits the page. God I hope we don't get that, it would be a horrid and continuous stab to the server.
    xD; oh wtf? PokeCommunity is just like Janime now... xx; and they both remind me of myspace..
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