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  • Bro I hav some shinies come come on in at 8 pm n 9 pm eastern time I hav u some shinies just gimme wat u think is fair idc wat I get
    Hey I posted at your shop bro and I'll help u build it better if u do da deal I offer I'll give u unlimited supply of shinies competitive and non competitive
    6th Gen Competitive Shiny List.

    6IV Pawniard - adamant - defiant (sucker punch, pursuit, revenge, scratch)
    4IV Cyndequil - Timid -Blaze - HP Grass (Tackle, leer, quick attack, flamethrower)
    5IV Gible - Jolly - Roush Skin (tackle, sand tomb, iron head, outrage)
    3IV Venusaur - modest - Chlorophyll - HP Fire (energy ball, sludge bomb, hidden power, leech seed.. should have gigadrain, looking for replacement)
    6IV EV Trained Dragonite - modest - multiscale (flamethrower, thunderbolt, hurricane, ice beam)
    5IV Gengar - timid - levitate (substitue, destiny bond, perish song, disable)
    4IV Rotom W - timid- levitate - HP Ice (Volt switch, will-o-wisp, rest)
    5IV XL Gourgeist - Adamant - Frisk (trick, psychic, confuse ray, flame charge)
    5IV Honedge - Quiet - No Guard (tackle, sword dance)
    6IV EV Trained Greninja - Timid - Protean (scald, dark pulse, ice beam, grass knot)
    5IV Hawlucha -Adamant - Unburden ( baton pass, agility, quick quard, ally switch)
    5IV Scyther - Adamant - Technician (Vaccum Wave, quick attack, leer.. looking for replacement that knows batton pass)
    6IV Slowpoke - Bold - Regenerator (curse, yawn, tackle, zen headbutt)
    6IV Giratina - Rash - Preassure (aura sphere, shadow claw, shadow force, hex)
    6IV Lugia - Bold - Preassure (surf hydro pump, aeorblast, dive)
    6IV Landorus - Adamant - Intimidate (extrasensory, swords dance, earth power, rock slide)
    6IV Kyurem - Hasty -Preassure (dragon breath, slash, scary face, glaciate)
    6IV Zekrom - lonely - Teravolt (dragon breath, slash, zen headbutt, fusion bolt)
    6IV Reshiram - Naive - Turboblaze (dragon breath, slash, extrasensory, fusion flare) __________________
    Hey! What awesome timing! I was just about to message you. :) I'll be online in a while. Will shoot you a trade request when I see you! ^^
    Yeah definitely :)
    Also... I enjoy reading your posts, just thought I'd let you know! Enjoy your night.
    Hi! I'm at work now, so i can't. Maybe i try to catch you online randomly during the rest of the week. If not, I'll PM on yhe weekend. Sounds ok? :)
    "Before I get into this, I'd like to point out that you don't need to cite any sources to make a logically constructed argument." Very true, but if we continue to advance an argument it may end up with many sources, the point of the exercise is to build so it's good to start at the basics is what I was referring to~
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