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  • I'm doing alright, currently on a vacation that's soon to end, which is depressing:(
    Heyoooo I did not recognise that name at first, haha. How's it going!? It's been so long omg
    yeah man me too. im gonna be spending a month in colombia so i might hack for a while... something I haven't done in months. summer gets kinda boring sometimes doesn't it XD
    the usual, you know... making bad decisions and having fun!!!

    nah, jk. i've been out doing shit and having fun, man. what about you?
    SiIvagunner has been occupying my time, along with getting prepared to make Weekly YouTube videos, moving from ROM Hacking to Game Development, and enjoying music more enthusiastically.
    YOU'RE WELCOME :D And I've been doing pretty good! Been super busy studying for tests and trying to finish assignments but that's the life of a student. :( My neighbour just brought over some food she brought back from Japan which was really nice of her. Mochi is sooo good. What's up with you?
    oh yeah, a solid 2 years lmao
    and nothing too significant except university lol, what about you?
    i am good ^^ very busy but good!! holy crap it's been that long since we talked? o_O lol my god. has anything changed with you? got sun or moon? :O
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