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  • lulz, yup. Just a quick doodle in MSN because I'm so excited that Batman's coming out tomorrow. : D
    Ah ha, it's pretty silly. [x I wish I had had a better variety of colors when I made it cause the Joker looks too... Bright? P:
    oh wow that's so long ago :3

    I used to be very active, but now.. I'm just too busy for PC I guess..
    I'm Joe btw.. nice to meet you Thomas :)
    Cool man.. I've never seen you around.. er.. maybe because I'm not around much.. but do you usually participate in the SOTWs here?
    yay! A Britney fan!

    I love your cover, the elephants are a nice touch... but I've learned to like the original one ^^

    oh btw, I have to point out, you sorta broke a rule..
    "showcases must comprise of 4 or more graphics"

    I wanted to post, but I didn't want to bring any attention to it :D
    Hey, I'm totally thinking about opening back up my FMA site, since there is the new anime coming out in April. Interested in coming back as staff?
    Wow. How cool. =D

    Anyway, right now, I better go. I have IM stuff if you wanna chat more. *yawn* Nighty night.
    Oh. ^^;

    It was kind hard. I'm not like most of the graphic artiests in PC. They could make much better banners with a real photo of a real person. D=

    But yeah, I'm really gald you liked it AND used it. xD
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