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  • Ahhhhhh that's gorgeous!!! *DIES* I freaking love angels too, so that just blew me away!! <3333 I freaking love his hair like that too....<3333 :D
    Yeah, I hate not being able to be on my own computer. x_x It's being mean to me at the moment. *kicks it* I love fanvids though, I can't wait to watch it! I have a Sabin one I haven't finished, been sittin' on my desktop forever lol
    NO WAY!! That's crazy! I haven't met any wrestling fans on here at all! I'm a huge TNA fan in general, too. And I was freaking happy when MCMG won the belts. :D
    Yep. If a law has been repealed and it is now just on the site for humor's sake it clearly says so.
    That one doesn't.
    Maybe it's a language typo?
    It's a forgotten one, I'm sure. But it's Illinois.. :
    The English language is not to be spoken.
    Talk about a fail law...
    There are some that really should have been repealed, but are stil secretely in effect.
    Like in either Indiana or Illinois it is illegal to speak english.
    There are A LOT of laws on that page that make me wonder how they became necessary...
    You can't shoot any game other than whales from a moving automobile. <- in Tennessee...
    Or Camels.
    There's also one (don't remember the state) where if you tie an elephant to a parking meter, you would have to pay the parking fee like it were a car.
    In florida it is offensive to shower naked...
    In Idaho you can't fish on the back of a camel, or a giraffe....
    There are some odd ones.
    "One may not dye a duckling blue and offer it for sale unless more than six are for sale at once."
    Statewide Kentucky law.
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