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  • I actually am in the hiring process for a specific job, but I go in for a week of interviews/background check/polygraph (that should hint at what it is). :D So hopefully everything goes well and I may begin my career/academy soon.
    I spent a few years up in San Fran finishing my Bachelor's, now I'm home in LA and applying for some careers. :D That's the short'n'sweet version, haha.
    Something about Notre Dame. Nica had commented on it which bumped it to the top of the blogs -- OH I REMEMBER NOW KINDA it was a "fun fact" from 2009 saying that ND kids got laptops from the school but the school was monitoring them and thus thousands of kids were frantically uninstalling a game called "Lemonade" from their computers before inspection. For some reason this made me really angry
    I just woke up out of a very real-seeming dream about PC where you changed your avatar to that kitty from before but sad and I tried to ask you why and then you changed your name to twocannel (intentionally without the h)

    And then there was a blog that upset me so much that in real life I flipped myself over all ready to comment and respond but then I woke myself up trying to get on my computer in my sleep and the blog was gone :(
    One of the things I hate about projects is that in order to meet criteria you have to design your project in a way that isn't logical or is excessively stupid; I had to make several "junk" classes so I could merge a "shopping cart" class to show how you can combine classes like that. Had to do the same **** in my web design class, it's annoying.
    "But for me, it was Tuesday" - M. Bison

    Street Fighter movie. Really oppressive guy.
    That post wasn't directed at you, but the people that make no effort in respecting the topics outlined in your original post and such.
    Oh no, I know he has, along with me. He really set me off yesterday with one of his comments in Open Carry and we just barbed back and forth until Lance jumped in.
    Are you as tired of Atomic Pirate as I am?
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