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  • Was just double-checking. I will release every single one of those six, then. Replaced them in the Trades box with clones, but then went to my 3DS and found White 2 still running from two days before. Looked in that PC at my full box of Lv.63+ (only one out at the time was my Fly user) and decided to Fly to the PL and finally challenge it.

    Extracted six and put my Flier away. Left myself incredibly weak to Fire-type moves (five were weak to it, making Hydregion an absolute beast as Iris' leader). Initial four fell easily, and I saved at the door to Iris' room. GOOD THING. I misplayed and decided to reset. Went back and aced the battle, only losing Lucario in the process. NEW CHAMPION CROWNED. :D

    So that's why I didn't show up to trade. Clones are in the Black PC, however. Maybe Tuesday. :)
    Remind me. Was there anything special about the six Pokémon you traded me? Ferroseed, Drilbur, Minccino, Joltik, Karrablast, and Foongus.
    I'm not going to be able to do any trading until tomorrow after 5:30PM my time (which would be 6:30PM yours). So hopefully we can get it done then? :)
    As an aside, that Tohoku Victini looks like it was a nice Christmas gift for Japan. :) Definitely interested. Bummed I can't legitimately rename it "Victini". :D

    I can clone later if you stick around. Right now I am getting called away periodically.
    I did say "for one of them", so maybe the Tohoku Victini will be enough. I'll look it up. :)
    Sounds like you're busy over there. Anything nice you can send me for at least one of the clones? :)
    Yes of course, funny how you asked that because it was actually already holding one o.0. Choice scarf hydreigon is a beast :P
    Great my white fc is: 5029 2248 4351. I assume I should use ur white fc in ur signature? I can trade right now if u can.
    Well there are a ton... I'll list a few of them..these are all flawless shinies unless noted
    Adamant Pawniard
    Naive Shellder
    Adamant Bagon (DWf :) 30 in SPA, 31 otherwise)
    Adamant Gligar (DWf :) 30 in SPA, 31 otherwise)
    Timid Deino
    Adamant Tyrogue
    Docile Snivy
    Adamant Dratini
    Adamant Scyther
    Modest Litwick
    Adamant Karrablast
    Bold Swablu
    interested in any of those?
    Hey I'm interested in one of your Meloetta's. I have flawless RNGed shinies to offer :) they all have great natures :P
    You need an Action Replay to clone. That is, this:

    That particular model is also 3DS compatible, and with X/Y coming, I think there will be accelerated demand for it everywhere soon (cloning in X/Y will be solved by someone). Been slow coming to Canada. I have a standard DS model.

    So yeah, that's how I clone. If you'd like, I can create a whole bunch of clones you can stick in your PC. All you have to do is trade me bullsh*t Pokémon for them. Purrloin for Meloetta, Pidove for Meloetta, and so on. I'll send them away afterwards since no one really needs them traded. :D

    And yes, you are urged to be cautious about things like this, people asking to clone. As a note, I already have all 649 Pokémon (every single one I have is legit. too, I did end up with a hacked Jirachi and Arceus but they've been replaced, and my existing Japanese Meloetta was acquired by cloning and trading a Keldeo). Therefore, you know up front I have no reason to want to keep the Pokémon afterwards without sending it back. Frankly, I wish they'd trust me for the cloning list, so having people who can vouch for me is something I'd love to have.

    So yeah, as long as it's an untouched Event, it's something that people will definitely want, so having a bunch ready to go would help you acquire almost any Pokémon you want easily as time goes on and the event is no longer available. For instance, do you have any idea how hard a Flying Pikachu is to get? Took me some searching, but I finally got it and it's also in my collection of friends now. I'll be curious if it can be imported to Gen. VI someday (since HMs generally won't go through). :)
    I don't know off-hand the nature, but I have a V-create Victini (cloned) that can be traded. I will eventually take both of my games to claim a pair of Meloetta (to go with/replace my Japanese one I traded for to complete the Pokédex), but extras don't hurt. Were you looking to have it cloned, or are you cloning it so you can still keep one?
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