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  • *Sigh* What, oh what am I supposed to do with you? You have now officially posted three below-limit ICs in your RP, in a row, and in case the infraction and the thread warning did not make that point clear to you already, I am not amused. :|

    For the last time, read and abide by the RP section rules and get those ICs up to scratch. If I see one more below-limit post from you, you're in for a second thread warning (one away from a threadlock) and separate two-point infractions for each and every one of those subpar posts.

    You do not want that, trust me. << So please get your act together and abide by that limit.
    We interrupt this program to bring you an important announcement. :O

    Do note, that even though your RP was approved, script format RPing is not. Therefore, if I see anyone posting like so:

    Me: super-awesome mega kick action!

    Bad guy: Oh noes!

    I will come around with warnings, infractions, and even a thread lock as necessary. All RPing in PRP is to be done in the form of proper narration (The kind you see in any given work of literature).

    As long as you abide by this (and the rest of the section rules) it works for me, though. Just wanted to save needless unpleasantries for all concerned.
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