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  • When did you come back around? But yeah, Erica and me have both been gone for well over a year. So are some others that used to be around. D:

    I understand that, ugh. ><; I hope things get easier for you soon.
    Right. xD PC seems so big and difficult to catch up with, too..

    I've been okay. Went through rough patches, but some of them are clearing up lately.

    How're you??
    Same could be said to you. XD

    I've been off busy with life and another forum. ;;;

    Maybe this could be a sign I may take out Member of the Year for 2013 given I was excluded from getting voted last year so they might try and get redemption.

    I remember when Wolflare got modded shortly after taking out the 2010 Member of the Year so it'd be surprising if all my mentions resulted in a similar thing happening.
    I suppose so. Stayed up pretty late with friends last night and then woke up faaar too early so I'm still in a bit of a daze, haha. Hopefully the rest of the year will be more coherent. :P
    WOW this VM chain just kind of emphasizes how bad I am at replying to them I'm so sorryyyy ;__;

    I've been good and apparently busy but it doesn't really feel like it, haha. How're you? :P
    Nice! My sister and cousin are psychologists and the rest of my family are doctors haha. What do you want to do in medicine?
    It does:(
    Just got on winter break, one more semester of high school left for me than it's off for college! What are you studying?
    lol that's cool just redo it :D

    Also sorry it took so long, my life has been craaaazy busy lately, I haven't even had a chance to do my modwork haha
    Hey there!

    Unfortunately I couldn't approve your No Doubt fan club because it didn't have enough detail in it. If you want to make it again, you should read this to see the kind of thing that would get it approved :)
    I know, I'm sure it'd get lonely D: Kind of makes me wonder what it'll be like in about two more years q q
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