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  • Woaaaaah thanks a ton, I'll make sure to hit hard as a Draco meteor!
    Ahah kind of a busy phase for the last two months. But I'll be on vacation starting from July 1(incidentally happens to be my bday).
    Finally time to breath
    Hii! How's the creative writing coming along? How are you doing? I got occupied with my internship, but now I'm just left with a week to go. How's your health been?
    I'll send you pictures when we end up going. My older siblings are also visiting tomorrow. I look forward to this all year.

    I actually only live an hour away from Washington DC. Have been there many times, but the visits do end up being short and infrequent. (it's not the friendliest place to navigate).
    I'm going to the White House in a few weeks. It's a birthday present from my uncle. (Just going to be looking from the outside). But it's always been something I've wanted to see in person.

    Also going to Ford's Theatre. It's all very exciting!
    I still have a Master Ball left over from the second DLC xD
    I like Trevenant and it's Autumn like leaved shiny is glorious imo

    Main reason I mainly hunt shinies via breeding is because I have a pretty big collection of Aprimons.
    Trying to catch a wild Pokemon in an Apriball that would look good on it is a challenge already since they are limited quantity, and the ball might not be good for actually catching it.
    So I'd personally rather just get an aprimon beforehand and then just Masuda breed for a shiny =D
    I was shiny breeding Heavy Ball Roggenrola at the time so I kept one that had the HA.
    Might come in handy if you don't have Roggenrola in a Heavy Ball or with the HA yet =D
    I'll be back by then.
    Currently I'm just shiny breeding, but I need a toilet break =P
    SwSh is currently the only game on the Switch that has it yes.
    It can also be traded in Home, but trade evolutions don't work there.
    I'm free pretty much all afternoon. Except for dinner I guess, but that won't be until at least an hour later lol

    On a different note, people can currently Nominate/propose a name for the starter and a group/team name in the Dungeon Escape game in PT, dunno if you've seen it. It's a bit light on nominations atm. If you have any feel free to post them =3
    Apparently last time we went with "9:00 am eastern standard time, 3:00 pm in the afternoon for the Netherlands".
    Same time works for me. DST is now in effect here, dunno if the US still uses it.
    Aww, that birthday thread is so sweet! ;_; <3 I really appreciate that, and being able to read through the comments! How lovely!

    Everything is going all right. Struggling a lot with trying medications, definitely struggling with being a mom. My depression is better but I've been diagnosed with PMDD (premenstrual dysphoric disorder). And I'm fairly certain I'm undiagnosed autistic (I can't get a diagnosis because insurance doesn't cover it and it's hundreds of dollars per session through multiple sessions and I simply can't afford it between therapy and psychiatry. Been discovering a lot of things about myself, and frankly I'm exhausted all the time.

    That said, I've also been writing a lot, so it's a mixed bag.

    I'm so glad to hear that Prince is doing well! And Valkyrie is soooo precious! <3 Fluffy goldie booty cuddles, how adorable. I hope your dolls and garden are coming along well, especially since spring is finally here.

    Happy belated Easter! <3 Hope you had a great one.
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