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  • Yes omg I LOVED ORASSSS.
    XY r amazing games and ORAS are my childhood. Both games made gen 6 very enjoyabl for me. Gen 7 however is such a let down.. The UB's concept is dumb, Alola's lure is boring and there r too many cutscnes... I missed XY and its so un faie that we didnt get a third game/sequal aka Z etc
    Yeah, Metronome is so fun! One of the times I used it, it turned into Sky Attack. :D
    Keep up!
    Lance is a great champion. A fun fact about Lance is all of his GSC team are Flying type. The lack of dragon types in Gen 2 (Dragonite line and Kingdra) meant he used Draconic resembling Pokemon instead. Clair is an interesting character with a great design and her Kingdra is a tricky opponent in the games she appears in. No Fairy types here.

    Yes Shiny Kingdra is a Royal Purple colour which is very fitting. It looks great in other Gens too although for me Shiny Kingdra looks best in Gen 5.

    I think the odds are around 1/128 which is a lot better than the usual odds. I may go for a Shiny Charmander next but have to breed a female first. Shiny Dratini is possible by breeding with the Red Gyardos too although a Dratini egg takes a while to hatch.

    I got Sludge Bomb but taught it to Venomoth who was very impressive against the Elite Four especially Koga. Luckily Alan rung with the Fire Stone as I was at the Pokemon League so I evolved Growlithe into Arcanine just before the Elite Four and is now hitting hard in Kanto. I got a Sun Stone for winning the Bug Catching Contest so I may switch Victreebell for Bellossom but the Grass/Poison type has served me well.

    My favourite Shiny Eeveelution is Sylveon but Umbreon does have a nice Shiny. I have all of the Shiny Eeveelutions (Except Flareon) from SOS in Sun and a random encounter Eevee (Now Jolteon) in X.

    My favourite Johto starter is Meganium who I used in a Heart Gold Grass Monotype last year and in Silver. The Totodile line is pretty cool also though.
    Yes. Shiny Hitmonlee does look like Gossamer (Who I think is Red). High Jump Kick hits practically everything hard.

    I have four hatched Shinys: Competitive Mandibuzz and Sceptile in Gen 7 and Hitmonlee and Horsea in Gen 2 VC.

    You mentioned the high chance of Shiny in the Dragon Egg Group. I tried breeding the Red Gyardos from my Gold version with a female Horsea from Yellow. After only 21 eggs a pink bellied female Horsea appeared from the egg.

    My favourite Gen 2 Pokemon is Kingdra and once I get the Dragon Scale I will have a Shiny Gen 2 Kingdra for the rest of my Crystal playthrough. :)

    My new Shiny I have named Ibuki which is Gym Leader Clair's name in Japan.

    My current team in Crystal is: Feraligatr (I had no idea he evolved so early), Natalie the Venomoth, Marshal the Shiny Hitmonlee, Victor the Victreebell, Max the Growlithe (No call from Alan for me either) and once I transfer her over Ibuki the Shiny Horsea.
    I have caught Suicune (My favourite of the beasts) as well. I have just defeated Clair and am in Blackthorn City.

    I likely evolved Weepinbell too early and am stuck with Vine Whip although my Victreebell impressively one hit KOed Clair's Kingdra after numerous Growths. The star of my team is Venomoth, who took out Team Rocket and Silver on her own.
    I like the Hitmonlee sprite in this gen quite a lot. As you say, the shiny coloration is more subtle, closer to purple around the leg area. I like his pose too, he reminds me a little bit of Gossamer from Looney Toons. Having a Hitmonlee is going to help you out around Karen. Mine is still a bouncing baby Tyrogue and will probably always be. I'd love to hear how your breeding projects go. It sounds like you have accumulated a dazzling shiny collection over the years.

    My team is in a sort of awkward right now. It has Reptar my Feraligatr, Angel my Dragonair, Raiden my Raikou, Baast the Kadabra (I know my nicknames are the worst) and the traded Onix Rocky as well as Mandrake my Gloom. I haven't been lucky enough to get a phone call about the leaf stone yet.

    I also have a Growlithe called Firebrand. He's kinda hanging back in the PC on standby. I want to use him but I have taken him about as far as I think I can go without evolving him into Arcanine, no fire stone from Alan yet. I might be able to push Gloom a bit further. I have all 8 badges now but I'm stalling, hoping for stones before the Elite Four. Ho hum...
    Shiny Hitmonlee looks better in Gen 2 than he does the other gens. In Gen 2 his Shiny is Green and purple as opposed to Green and brown. I had to give him a lot of proteins from my Gold game though as Shiny Tyrogue I think has a 2 in attack dvs meaning that without vitamin investment Shiny Tyrogue will evolve into Hitmonchan which is a nice green and blue.

    I may go for breeding a Shiny Abra or a with a ditto with my Hitmonlee as most of the Shiny Human like Pokemon available like Machamp I already have. Hitmonchan's Shiny is not as good in later gens unfortunately but amusingly Tyrogue gets High Jump Kick as a possible egg move.

    My team so far:

    Croconaw, Marshal the Shiny Hitmonlee, Sabrina the Kadabra Natalie the Venonat, Victor the Victreebell and Max the Growlithe.
    In a strange coincidence I read your Journal detailing how you got a Shiny Tyrogue from the Odd Egg yesterday. In my Crystal fame I SRed for a Shiny from the Odd Egg last night (I would have settled for any Shiny) and the first Shiny which appeared was...Shiny silver and blue Tyrogue after 4 SRs.

    I plan to evolve him into a Hitmonlee as it is my favourite of the three hitmons.
    I've been reading your journal too. You really hate Whitney hahaha. She's annoying, I agree. You were very luck to freeze Miltank solid.
    I'm eager to know how went your meeting with Raikou.
    Thanks! I'm glad to hear that cause I like yours too. :3 I'll be waiting for your next entries.
    So I tied between these two answers in the quiz in your signature, and for some reason it decided to pair me with Garchomp over Flygon. >=| #salt
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