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Yume Tsuki
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  • Ah yeah I can relate to that, been the same around here.

    Gotta survive just 1,5 more hours for weekend and then im in a dillema of what to do because too many options to choose from... probably go pick up a parcel im being scammed from... Dutch postal services have been scamming me one too many times now >:(
    the best attack plans are always the ones that deter them from coming :D

    never worked for me i just seem like a red shirt every time i try >:(
    Years of playing strategy games has prepared my brain for the most impossible tasks.

    There are doubters but they live in an upside down country can't be helped :'D
    Well it wouldn't hurt sharing no way the people targeted by this masterpiece will read this.

    First off I apply for job, then with my amazing charisma I will convince them that it is with utmost importance that I go to Poland in February so that I can start my new job fully M O T I V A T E D. So I'll ask them if I can start in March.

    Then I will celebrate because it will succeed it has no chance of failing I'm just that big brain.
    And just like that I have set up a massive masterplan to make everything work out in the end, my fantastic brain will make sure of it B(
    Yeah it really does, alas nothing I can do about it now other than go look elsewhere.
    Being a bit painful to have to take into consideration my plans to go to Poland mid February T_T
    Well I just had a talk, the classic thing happened once more, no renewal. Alas I saw it coming somewhere.
    Damn, that's unfortunate:(
    Yeah that's the best way to look at things, it can be a struggle for sure, but I believe you can find a job c:
    It could be exciting, could also be disastrous, we'll see xD
    I've been motivated again to kick more arse :D

    Oooh hope it all works out for you! c:
    Heyoooo, things are going a-ok, got a talk about my performance at work tomorrow, perhaps some news of renewal.

    Weekend was pretty chill, got to continue my addiction to video games and stuff c:
    I've been way better than before, basically kicked covid's arse completely B)

    How have you been? :o
    Ah I see, I don't even have a switch yet myself so the choice is very simple for me ^^"
    I'm tempted to buy one in the end anyways, but then theres so many games I want to get lately O_o
    Understandable, it has indeed been quite some week. Sounds like a lot of fun is coming soon then c:
    I've never felt so more betrayed in my entire life.

    At the very least I can do things again, how has your week been?
    I can safely say this is no bueno at all

    not having taste is as good as living in hell... getting offered pizza and being all happy only to realize it tastes... like nothing and the pure devastation comes
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