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  • Yoo - you up for swapping some eggs? I'd like to get this ball rolling ~
    Man been on here awhile and realized I didn't have an about me filled out xD

    Finally did that, I need to remember to always fill things like those out...

    And I can't wait for the smash Broadcast!
    Gg. Yeah, me and Aven tried countering it, but saw that it wasn't working. So we planned the next time you tried it, we would shield. Gg again though!
    Your school as an esports club and a smash team!? Oh, damn I am seriously jealous... c:

    In all honestly, I wish something around here had that, I would sign up and be part, but alas the colleges around here are just 'dull'.

    And still #10 out of 30? That is good numbers. I remember in High School, they had a Mario Kart Wii tourney once, 60 students and they had the pre-rounds and I dominated everyone. I actually was 'not' allowed to take in the tourney rounds due to the sheer amount of the W/L ratio and served as a 'secret boss' in a way. I still dominated. XD

    And ironically, got the nickname 'King Yoshi / Yoswser' due to the usage of both Yoshi and Bowser in the tourney.
    Yeah, their counters were amazing. They are a good team, but so are we as well, zoro.
    I guess I tapped the stick down after I thought I B-Up'd. And the result was both comical and tear-shedding. (jk on the last bit.)
    That ending though. I did B-UP and the game somehow translated into the B-Down and well.... I just screamed for a moment. Still, it was an enjoyable run. And think we did great.
    Sorry, Captain, they were too strong for us! The ship's going down....

    Ack, it was a good match. Their double counter-combo kept getting me trapped.
    It's always best 2 out of 3. Good game man, good game! That was so much fun.
    Alright, if you'll just join my room when it's up my partner will be on too.
    What is your skype, just curious. It would be easier to communicate (PM it if you want).
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