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  • Hey. I'll have to wait until tonight before we can continue progress since narutoactor hasn't sent me the patch back yet, and he's probably at school now.
    Actually, can you do Trainerbattle Scripts which also let's you battle them after (when you use the VS Seeker)?
    Yes, I will need two Scripts off you soon, I just need to plan out what happens. I will send you the information and .ips patch either later today or tomorrow at the latest. Sorry for leaving you bored, but I've been busy reconstructing Sunnyshore, and inserting music :).
    OK, I'll bump it in a sec. By any chance can you do OW's? If not don't worry. Also, if you want me to make maps you'll have to send me a plan of the map I'm going to have to make OK, because I'm not that good without a plan.
    Bump my thread please; it's not getting the attention it needs, Co-owner ;). Oh, and have you decided if I can map for you?
    Meh... The trees and grass are great, but I'm kinda disappointed with the stock houses, Pokecenter, Mart and mountain tiles. Anyway, it's up to you; it's your hack.
    Well I got the internet back on my PC today, and yesterday i replied from a public PC....So... For now I'm free, I'm Waiting for a friend of mine to come back from his vacation, so we can continue our little project....
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