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  • thanks. being 2 is actually quite stressful. there's more crayon colour choices I have to pick from. Do you think Dazzling Yellow or Marigold Yellow would be a better fit for the duck in my colouring book?
    Platinums get unlimited changes and have for a while haha.

    And yeah it used to be three a year but we decided that was a little too often for changing your username. PC seems to be obsessed with changing identities and having tons of alt accounts which I personally think is pretty pointless and should be avoided.
    I like responsibility so I don't mind. :O Though it's definitely gonna take a few hours... lol
    Nooope, I wrote in the thread that they'll start being done once they end on Jul 14. I haven't even looked at the replies yet x'D
    At least the newest eps were awesome so I can rewatch. But. </3 SU goes on too many hiatuses. ;_;/
    I'm starting to think the episode which aired Thursday was just a repeat of the newer episodes lol, no news of new episodes on the reddit. Guess it's break time for a while again, but doesn't seem like it'll be as long as last time. =(
    I've seen them all and I am so excite. Can we see starter evos soon though pls?!
    Last ep I saw was Steven Floats, the site I usually use hasn't uploaded it and for some reason I can't find it on Dailymotion.. poo. D:

    And welcome back!!
    It's time for signups to close! Will you be able to get on skype soon? :)
    Oh boo I'm sorry, that sucks. Flight delays are literally the worst, I hate sitting around at the airport. =( & I'm good!
    Nope! Next ep airs Thursday~ <3

    Happy being on holiday too by the way!! That's awesome. I miss my holiday last month, already feels like forever ago... >.<'
    I died immediately last time so I'm not hopeful about the outcome this time around lmao. Plus I'm getting really busy right now trying to get my life together so I doubt I'd be able to check it much. D: soo let's see who gets killed in my place.. heh heh
    I want to see Peridot fusions period. :O She's so shy about it, it's so cute. I recently rewatched the episode where Peridot and Garnet's growth of friendship is shown and her squeaky panic when Garnet suggested fusion was adorable. Hnnng. Yeah, 10 minutes is pretty short, but Lapis' time to shine just started so I'm sure we'll see some awesome progress and interaction ~
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