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  • Nope. Mine runs normally. Probably it's yours only. Anyways I also think that if you add many things to your rom, it's normal for it to slow down a bit. But not that slow
    Sorry, Zolt..... I'm not interested anymore about scripting.... sorry. :(

    Though I can still beta test your hack :)
    Hey, I've perfectly inserted your titlescreen in just 2 minutes :P
    I tested it myself, here's how it looked like le spoiler.
    It does not make sense (for me), so, what is a flag? What is it for?
    And what is

    if 0x1 goto @done

    and ........ boxset?
    I hope I'm not giving you a hard time, its just that I want to learn scripting so I can hack.
    Something that I would understand.....

    And make it like:

    Your explanation is in bold like:

    msgbox 0x6
    This is a normal messagebox

    Know diegoisawesome's tutorial about scripting?
    Here's I want to learn first:

    I don't seem to get that thing.......

    Maybe I can understand it if someone teaches me, which is you!
    Yeah, I can do it. Just send me the titlescreen image and the rom. Please send it via pm here at PC, it would be easier ;)
    Wow, I have never really been invited for such things. However, I don't think I am able to participate in this. I am more than willing to help (although I am pretty bad at tech) however I am having my GCE A Levels in November. I do not have a lot of spare time as I have to prepare for the major examination. I am terribly sorry. :(
    May I know where do you get that CSS and how to put a CSS for a profile?

    And can I beta test your hack?
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