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    OK this is just a bunch of ideas mixed up and shaken into place. Im not sure if anyone will join but I decided to give it a try anyways.

    This RPG is going to sound very familiar to you. That's because the story line is based on the fourth movie. In fact it basically is. The difference is there will be different people in it. There will need to be at least 8 people. Someone to take the place of Ash, Misty, Brock, Sam, Diana, Towa, White, and Iron Mask. If you want to be another Team Rocket member like Jessie, James, and Meowth (Meowth can be replaced by a human or another talking Pokemon) then you can. It doesnt really matter who you take over for and it doesn't matter if you take over for a boy and your a girl and vise versa.

    If you dont know the story you can still join because were gonna twist it and turn it into our own. So itll be the same and not the same.

    Heres the Info you need to give:

    Age: Please make it similar to the age of the one you are taking over for.
    Pokon: You dont have to have the same Pokon as the person you take over for. Oh and if the person you take over for isnt a Pokon trainer then you can make them a trainer but if you dont want to you dont have to. Plus, though I hate to say it, no Hoenn Pokemon. This is Johto and as in the movie there are very few Hoenn Pokemon around.
    Who you are taking over for: Dont worry about being someone who doesnt have a very big part in the story because remember were going to change it a little so that everyone will have a good part.

    Now listen you are not going to be the person you take over for. You are just going to take over that part.

    Name: Alana
    Age: 13
    Pokon: Quilava, Houndour, Vaporeon, Spearow, and Misdreavus
    Personality: She is frinedly and cheerful. She is intellagent and will always help those in need. She is always willing to make sacrifices for her those she cares about. She loves Pokemon and adventure. Hardly anything gets her down. If her friends are in danger she will use any means necasary to help.
    Description: Dark blue eyes, dirty-blond hair, Always wears her hair in a pony tale, a navy cap, a navy T-shirt(kinda looks like Sams but without the pockets), blue jeans, gloves like Ashs but a different color (navy on the hand part and yellow on the wrist),a blue Backpack that looks like Sams. Her outfit has an old fashioned look to it.
    Items: Poor me I cant have a Pokex or regular Pokalls or anything like that. A couple of old fashioned Pokalls and a note book.
    Who are you taking over for: Sam


    Thought you'd see something interesting here, didn't ya? :D

    Finally Alyssa spoke again, her eyes locked on the ball in my hand. “That isn’t an ordinary Pokeball. We call it the Soul Ball. The Pokemon inside it is very special. It represents who and what you are at the very deepest level. It is essentially your soul in physical form.”

    “My soul,” I whispered, awe struck. “So that’s what you meant by my ‘soul companion’.”