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    Prologue: Burning Magma

    Day One
    Dear Diary,
    Let me introduce myself. I am Lance Alaite, but currently I'm better known as Plasma. That's because I'm half-Jolteon, due in part to a home experiment gone wrong. I was trying to test my Transport Device to be used for quick travel from town to town: even faster than a blazing Latios. However, Team Magma invaded my quiet Littleroot home, believing I had a crucial formula, one that could possibly destroy the world when in the wrong hands. They slammed me into one of the transporter's chamber, and, unbeknowest to me, my Jolteon, fittingly named Plasma, had moved into the other chamber. Then, one of the Magma Grunts mistakenly pressed the button that sent me to my fate... as half human, half Pokemon.
    You now know how I got to be who I am. But you don't know that today's the day it happened. Yes, I'm now a quadruped. From the waist down of my new body, I look like any normal Jolteon. Except my fur is fire red, with black highlights. Waist up, however, is the upper body of my human self. It has brown hair and blue eyes. Right now I'm wearing only a blue t-shirt, and bracers for my hands and paws. I tell you, life is going to get really hard for me, I can be sure of it.
    I'm turning 16 tomorrow. My friends are going to throw me a party, I bet. What a time to be a half-Jolteon freak, huh? I can't help but think I have the worst timing. I just bought my home with the money I made selling my formulas to Devon Corporation. I settled in Littleroot, far from the Pacifidlog home I was born and raised in. I'm supposed to head for Petalburg tomorrow; something's going to be there for me. But how can I face anyone like this?
    I'm the only thing that came out of the transporter; we both must've fused together. That is, me and Plasma. It's sad, because Plasma was my lab partner. He helped me with a lot of things. You see, he was very intelligent. I hatched him from an egg. As a young Eevee, he knew how to talk from very early on. I decided to evolve him into a Jolteon, because I think they're really cool. He would help me all day long in his lab. He helped me come up with the means for transforming humans into Pokemon. But my accident today showed how to make humans into half-Pokemon. I don't think I could sell it, though. After all, who wants to be half-Pokemon?
    The way I see it, I haven't improved much from my normal self. That is, apart from the fact I have electrical powers. And I'm about tall enough for people to ride on my back. How tall am I? Well, my Jolteon back is 3'6" from the floor. And my head is 6'2" from the floor. So yes, I could carry people on my back. And I can go just as fast as a normal Jolteon could, so that's a plus.
    Anyways, that's enough about my fiasco for tonight. I may or may not tell you more tomorrow. Right now I have to wait for my mother to call me.

    Lance "Plasma" Alaite

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