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    Author's Notes: Either no one's reading my story, or you're too scared to hurt my feelings... which is it? Anyway...

    Day Two
    Dear Diary,
    What a day! I'm all tuckered out. Between giving my friends rides on my back and racing their Pokemon, I've worked up a huge sweat. I can't help but think being half-Jolteon may be the best thing that ever happened to me. My friends like me even more than before, and, funny thing, I caused a blackout in Petalburg when I accidentally let out a burst of lightning after my friends surprised me at their home. The power was down for about 3 hours. I still don't think anyone knows I did it. Either they're stupid or ignorant, but who cares? I like myself 3 times as mch as before, and, after putting on an old lab coat, resumed my experiments. I guess maybe I'll find a new Pokemon to call my own... at least I still have my Master Ball.
    Oh, and I don't think Professor understands the severity of my dilemma... When he came to my house at about 7:45, it played out like this:
    Just as I was working on my "How Eevees Can Evolve Like They Do" project, Professor Birch knocked on my lab door. "Lance? You in there?" he asked.
    I told him to come on in. He did, and did a total anime drop when he saw me. "Lance! What the heck happened???"
    "Long story... anyway, what's up?"
    "Well... I must say, you look rather comical..." He stifled a giggle.
    An anime sweat drop ran down my face. "Just get to the point already. I'm very busy."
    "Okay, okay... I got word the Magma members intruded our quiet town. Is this true?"
    "Yes. It just so happens they're the reason I'm half-Jolteon."
    "Oh, Lance..."
    "Don't feel sorry for me."
    "I wasn't; I..."
    "I'm sorry, Professor, but I had a long day. I'm very tired, could we talk tomorrow?"
    "Sure. I'll just..." He headed towards the door and walked out laughing."
    I gave a disgusted look on my face as I could still hear him howling with laughter. It sickened me that he would find humor in my current state...
    Anyway, enough of that... some kids came to my house at 10:30, asking to spend the night. I agreed, and I'm writing to you now as they sleep. However, I suppose that's all I can write on this night. Promise to write you tomorrow, though!

    Lance "Plasma" Alaite

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