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    Chapter 2

    After Laura and Wes finished performing their act on stage, they made their way to Lauras dressing room. In the room was a desk made out of polished wood with a mirror, different types of make-up and a stool in front of the desk. The carpet on the floor was red and comfy. The upper walls had red and white striped wallpaper while the lower walls were completely red. The ceiling was white and a chandelier in the center of the ceiling. Next to one of the walls was a comfy black sofa, enough for three or four people to sit. There was also another door next to the desk.

    Phew, that was close, she said in relief upon entry. That dancing you did was quite awkward but youve pulled if off in the end.

    She walked behind a dressing board. Do you mind turning around so I can change?
    Sure thing, Wes replied, as he turned round.
    It has been a while, Laura said, starting a conversation.
    Sure has, Wes replied. What have you been doing recently?
    Performing at this casino, she replied back. The men can be a little bit flirty but the pays good.
    And this thing about Team Dark? Wes asked.
    So you know? She asked in response, knowing what Wes was talking about. She came out from behind the dressing board. She was now dressed in a leather suit like a female spy normally wears.

    So youre also a spy for the police? Wes asked in realisation.
    Theyre paying me good for this occasion, Laura replied, walking over to her mirror taking her makeup off. Usually after weve split up, I worked for leaders of criminal organisations and gangs.

    I see that youve done well for yourself, Wes replied as she placed away her makeup. Am Im not only talking about your night job.

    Laura looked and smiled. Thanks, she replied taking that remark as a compliment. They then heard some shouting outside.

    Let me in! shouted a girls voice. He is in there!

    Wes walked over to the door and opened it, revealing five familiar figures trying to get in but were being held back by security guards, much to his surprise. Wes, there you are!! Rui yelled. Get these freaks to let go of us!

    Its okay, boys! Laura shouted from the background. Theyre friends!

    The security guards released them and they entered the room. Upon entry, they noticed Laura in the suit. Laura, Jenny said. Have you got the information?

    Yes, Laura replied and handed over a card to her. On one side, it had red patterns and on the other was a letter Q on two corners with a diamond pattern underneath, most of the side had a weird picture of two upper bodies of a women drawn together with a crown of each head.

    This isnt information! Jesse complained as he grabbed the card. This is a queen of diamonds! What kind of sick joke is this!?

    Its hidden, dimwit, Wes said. Spies always have a knack of hiding things, just in case it falls into the wrong hands.
    Theres some information behind this card, Laura explained.
    Its not really behind anything, Rui said, being a little confused.

    Suddenly, a voice of a Texan was heard. We all know yall in there!! he shouted. Say your prayers!

    They know something! Laura warned. You guys better get outta here!

    Wes and his teammates did as they were told as they ran out of the other door. Three men came crashing into the room. One of them was medium built and was wearing a Texan business suit and a cowboy hat, that man was none other than Rough Jake. Two other men were wearing the same attire but they were quite larger.

    Take care of that girl! Jake ordered as he chased the others.
    Sure thing, boss! one of the larger men yelled.

    The two men were about to grab Laura but she leapt and grabbed onto the chandelier and kicked both of them in the face, knocking them out. She then let go of the chandelier and landed on her feet. That was too easy, she said in an impressed tone.

    Meanwhile, Wes, Rui and Jenny were making their escape as they were running to the entrance. Who has the card? Jenny asked.

    They made an immediate stop. Well I dont, Wes said.
    Neither do I, Rui said.
    Plusle, Plusle squeaked.
    Then who does? Jenny asked.

    At another location of the building, Jesse and James were also attempting to make their escape and noticed a ladder that led to the upper deck of the casino. Women and children first! Jesse yelled.
    I agree!! James said in a cowardly tone as he shoved Jesse out of the away, he quickly grabbed the ladder and started climbing ahead of her.

    As they got to the upper deck, James was leading the way until a boxing glove, out of nowhere, punched him in the face, knocking him down, much to Jesses shock.

    James shook his head to gain consciousness and saw a pokemon wearing strange purple clothing. It had thin legs and arms with a punching glove on each arm.

    A hitmonchan! James yelled as he quickly got back up.
    Now thats what Im talkin about, you punk! a large man shouted in a Texan accent, who was also wearing a cowboy suit. It turned out that he was one of Jakes men.

    Dont just stand there, James! Jesse yelled. Use Cacnea or something!
    Oh right! James replied in realisation as he took out a pokeball. Go! Cacnea! he yelled as he chucked it out.

    Cacnea became released from his pokeball and gave James a big friendly hug, making him scream in pain. Cacnea! He screamed. Pin missile attack!

    Cacnea leapt off James and shot numerous pins out of his thorns but Hitmonchan successfully defended himself by knocking away each one.

    Hitmonchan! the man yelled. Mega Punch attack!

    The punching pokemons glove glowed vigorously as he slammed it right in Cacneas face, knocking it back into Jamess face, knocking him down also.

    Cacnea quickly recovered as it leapt of its trainers face. Seeing his unconscious face, Cacneas face turned red with anger. The man started laughing. Wotcha gonna do? he taunted. Run over to ya mommy?

    That made it even angrier and it started to glow. As James gained consciousness, he looked at his glowing pokemon as it began to change shape.

    Its evolving!! James cried as tears of joy came flowing out of his eyes.

    Cacnea transformed into a larger pokemon. Its arms and legs have gotten longer and wider as it had a strange mane shaped like a pyramid on its head. Cacturne!! it cried.

    Cacturne, James cried, still being happy. Im so happy.

    Cacturne turned his attention to Hitmonchan as it prepared itself for battle. Go, Cacturne! James yelled. Needle Arm!

    Hitmonchan! Fire Punch attack! the man yelled.

    Hitmonchans glove engulfed in flames as he aimed his punch at Cacturne, but Caturne dodged the attack as he punched Hitmonchan in the face with its thorned paw, making it wincing in pain holding its hurt face.

    Cacturne continued punching Hitmonchan about in the body and face. Thats not boxing!! Jesse yelled. Bite its ear!!

    Cacturne finally finished its attack as it landed a heavy punch on Hitmonchans face, sending him flying back to its trainer. The man and his pokemon fell over the barricade and into one of the gambling tables, making the gamblers complain.

    We did it, Cacturne! James cried happily as he got his pokeball out. But we got no time to celebrate! Return!

    Cacturne was zapped back into its pokeball and James looked at it happily. James! Jesses voice yelled. Help me out here!

    James turned around to see Jesse struggling to get away from another one of Jakes henchmen. Hey! he yelled as he took the card out of his pocket. Im the one who got the card, not her!

    Realising what he said, sweatdrops appeared on his and Jesses heads. Whoops, he said. The henchman released Jesse and chuckled as he held James at the barricade.

    Ill take that playing card! he said as he snatched the card away from him.

    Its not that easy! James replied as he kicked the man where the sun doesnt shine, making him drop the card and wince in pain. James looked at the card floating downwards towards one of the gambling tables.

    Dont just stand there, James! Jesse yelled. Go and get it!

    With slight hesitation, James jumped on the barricade and then jumped towards the card, attempting to catch it but to no avail as he fell and crashed into another gambling table, followed by being yelled at by another bunch of unsatisfied gamblers.

    Wes spotted the card floating towards another gambling table and rushed towards it. Unlucky for him, it landed in a small card-shuffling machine, being watched by a card dealer.

    He took out a five-dollar note out of his pocket and placed it on the gambling table. Cmon, boys and girls! the card dealer said enthusiastically. Place your bet, being luckys your test! Everyones a winner! Well, not everyone.

    Heres ma money! a gambler wearing a tuxedo said as he placed a couple of plastic coins on the table. Now play!

    Card, sir? the card dealer asked Wes as he gave him two cards.
    Hit me! Wes replied.
    No! the card dealer said. You need to look at your cards first, son! Or are you as slow as a Slowpoke?

    Wes looked at his cards and they revealed to be two aces, one of them being a diamond, another being a club. Hit me, He replied as he placed the cards down.

    Hey! the impatient gambler complained. Hit me first!
    Wait your turn, sir, the card dealer said as he gave Wes another card, turning out to be a five of spades.

    Hit me, Wes said again, still looking for the queen of diamonds that Laura gave him and his group, but still no luck.

    As the hitting continued, the gambler was getting more impatient as he continued shouting at the dealer to hit him. Having enough, the card dealer gave the gambler a small frown and hit him on the head with a small mallet, making him wince in pain. Youre the boss, he said.

    He then turned his attention to Wes, who saw the dealer hitting the impatient gambler on the head. Card, sir? the dealer asked.

    Hit me, Wes said, hoping that the card would be card hes looking for. As he hoped, the dealer placed the queen of diamonds on the table.
    Twenty one! the dealer yelled excitedly. We have a winner!
    Thanks! Wes yelled as he noticed more of Jakes men running towards him. But keep the five dollars! he continued as he quickly snatched the card and made his exit.
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