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    OOC: Well we have Ash, Misty, Brock, and Sam. I guess we can start but we still need the others.

    The sun shone through the trees as Alana approached a large fallen tree. It must have been at least twenty feet high. "Wow." She said quietly. She kept walking.

    "If your going in be careful!" Came a sweet voice. Alana looked up as a girl jumped down from the tree. "If your going into the forest be careful of the voice of the forest.

    The voice of the forest? Whats that?

    Well its only a legend but everyone around here believes it. The voice of the forest is the spirit that guards the forest. They say that it can travel through time. So if you hear a weird sound stop and stand completely still. If the voice catches you it could carry you off to a different time.

    Wow. Well Ill be careful. Thanks miss. She turned and started walking again.

    Wait. Said the girl. Alana turned as the girl pulled out a loaf of bread wrapped in a large leaf. Here. You can eat this if you get hungry.

    Thanks. She took it and waved then started walking.

    It was a while later while Alana was sitting on a tree stump tracing some wild Pokemon in the forest that she heard an odd sound. The Pokemon turned to look then started running. Out of the woods came more Pokemon. Alana jumped aside the avoid being trampled. Whats going on? Suddenly a small green Pokemon shot out of the trees. It seemed hurt and exhausted. Its small wings werent moving but it was flying. It shot right past her and soon after a Houndoom and Scyther dashed after it. There was the sound of some vehicle speeding towards them but Alana didnt pay attention. She tore after the small green Pokemon. She found it pinned by the Scyther and Houndoom. Hey let it go! She shouted. The Houndoom looked up only long enough to shoot flames at her. But it was enough time. The small green Pokemons eyes glowed and vines came out of the ground and tangled Houndoom and Scyther. The green Pokemon forced itself to fly over to Alana who caught it before it fell. Suddenly there was a roar and a motorcycle shot out of the trees. A man was riding it. In his hand was a weird contraption.

    Hand over that Celebi. He ordered.

    Celebi? Why should I? What do you want with it?

    Im a Pokemon hunter and I make good money off of rare Pokemon. That little Pokemon in your arms is very rare. It would be worth a fortune. Now hand it over.

    No way! She turned and ran off. She could hear the sound of the Pokemon breaking free and the motorcycle coming after her. But she didnt look back. She kept running. Suddenly her foot caught on a root and she tripped. She was beside a small stone shrine. Her sketch book fell to the ground as she hit. She scrambled to sit up. Suddenly Celebi began to glow. Whats going... A bright light shone and a mystical sound rang through the air. Alana felt a floating sensation then all went black.

    Back at the entrance to the forest the girl who had given Alana the warning looked up. What's that sound?" She drew a breath of surprise as the light and sound vanished. "The voice of the forest? Could it be?"


    Thought you'd see something interesting here, didn't ya? :D

    Finally Alyssa spoke again, her eyes locked on the ball in my hand. “That isn’t an ordinary Pokeball. We call it the Soul Ball. The Pokemon inside it is very special. It represents who and what you are at the very deepest level. It is essentially your soul in physical form.”

    “My soul,” I whispered, awe struck. “So that’s what you meant by my ‘soul companion’.”