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    Name: Amethystia Moon (Amy)

    Age: 14

    Pokemon: Vaporeon (Aqua), Dragonair (Starlight), Charizard (Charm), Jigglypuff (Candy), Electabuzz (Light), and Fearow (Eon). (All Female)

    Personality: She's charmining, yet quite cute. Not much of her identity is known to other pokemon trainers, though. Amy might be a helpful trainer around these parts, but sometimes, she get's annoyed by the fact that people keep on following her around for no reason. As her adventures go on, Amy is quite an artistic trainer, and is always willing to try new things. It now looks as if something has piqued her inquest and now she looks forward for new goals to happen.

    Description: Amy

    Who you are taking over for: Diana
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