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    Day Five

    Dear Diary,
    May and I talked all the way to Rustboro. I gave everybody a ride to Rustboro on my back. I figured if I could run that fast carrying them, I might as well. When we made it, May kissed me on the cheek. "Thanks, Lance."
    Just then Quake appeared from behind, calling, "Hey, lover-boy!"
    I turned around. "You talking to me?" My body surged with electricity as I growled.
    "Yeah, you. What are you doing still alive?"
    "What's that supposed to mean?"
    "I don't get it. That girl LOVES you? As if. She's just using you, kid."
    I fumed with anger. I looked like I could spew a fireball at him. "Step over here and say that again!" I dared. My ears twitched furiously as I looked at May. "Guys, step back. I don't want to hurt you." I let out a furious blast of electricity. Quake was absolutely pummeled by the shockwaves, and after I finished, he looked unconscious, to say the least. "Oh no... May... I..."
    I ran over to check for a pulse. But there was no pulse, at least not one I could sense. I pawed at him, seeing if he would stir. He just lay there, motionless. I got my ears closer to him. He was still breathing... I put his body on my back, running him to the hospital. Ash and the others just watched horrified.
    The doctor said that Quake may not make it. He said I really need to watch my electricity level. He told me to have Nurse Joy at the Pokemon Center check me out. I agreed, and guess what... I have MEOS: Massive Electrical Overload Syndrome. They say it affects Pokemon who have kept stored electricity for too long. Come to think of it, I admitted I didn't think Plasma ever shocked anyone at all. I sobbed, as Nurse Joy comforted me. "Lance... all you need to do is remember to let out electricity once in a while."
    I nodded, and, as I went out, an Electrode exploded in front of me, knocking me clear into the sky. Where I am is a mystery to me... but all I know is poor Sunny is gone, and so is my love, May.

    Lance "Plasma" Alaite

    Author's Note: I hate sad endings... but I had to, just for the AvidGamers community, Pokemon Kingdom. Also, I'm sorry about lying to you when I said Blizzard's story would intertwine. I'm sorry... *sniff sniff* I feel like such a letdown. Note that this is Lance's last entry. *sniff* I'm sorry... I feel so bad.

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