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I watch as all the Celebis revive their friend. Through all of this, I had been weeping. Now I felt so emotionally spent! Sure, I was glad Celebi was alright! But my adrenaline had been pumping so hard for what seemed so long, and we'd all been through this roller coaster of emotions...I felt like a tsunami hand hit me. I sit down hard on the bank of the lake. Crobat comes and lands nearby. "You did well, Crobat, return." My voice is flat and emotionless. I get out the pokeball of my dragonair, Nairy.

"Hmm," I wonder...then I shake my head. If the water doesn't revive Nairy, I'm afraid it'd drown him before I could recall him. I'll just have to wait to get to a Pokecenter. I return the ball to my backpack.

Then Alana asks what she should do. "Well, aren't you gonna go back to your own time? Don't you have friends and family that would be worried?"

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