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    (Thanks, here is some more. This may be different, cause I typed that first one on my PC, and this one is on a mac in school, that i'll be here for 3 hours, so bleh)

    Chris shot up in bed, sweat flying off him. Kadabra. What the heck was that? Did I just dream I was a freaking Kadabra? He moved wiped his hand across his forhead, then relised there was something in his hand. It was....the spoon......The Spoon? The end was twisted around, but it was the same spoon. He droped it on the bed and turned and sat on the edge, wiping his hand over his face. Eyes closed, he sat with his head facing the floor, he let out a long sigh.

    Looking over at the clock, it shown to be 5:40am. He'd be getting up in 20 minutes anyways, so he desided to get up and get ready. Walking down the hall grabing a towl, as he went and took a nice long hot shower. After washing and drying, he parted his dark green hair down the middle, and got dressed, geting ready for school only an hour away. Grabing some toast, he went back to his room to get his bags and things. Opening his backpack, he checked to see if everything was still in its proper place. Folders and notebooks for class, pens, and everything.

    Turning to his computer, he turned on the monitor,because he never has to turn the computer itself off, and started to transfer the music he wanted to listen to, to his PDD, this Pokemon Digital Device. Its used to store information you type in, it can play music. He was also told it can link with the new Pokedexes to help store personal notes about where pokemon has been captured from other trainers from the net, but, he won't be geting a pokedex for awhile. Not until his graduation that is. Not everyone gets one, but his parents told him that they would get him one as a going away present, along with puting some money forward to get Tracy, the local pokemon professer there in Pallet, to get him his first pokemon. Chris couldn't wait.


    "CHRIS! GET UP! YOU NEED TO GET TO SCHOOL SOON HONEY!" Yelled a loud voice at his door.
    "Christ Mother! I'm awake!" Chris said as he shook his head from the booming noise.
    "Oh I'm sorry dear," His mother said as she opened his door, "I didn't know. Now you better get something to eat before you leave, and don't tell me 'Oh I don't have time stuff!" She said shaking her finger at him.
    "Bleh, don't worry, I had some toast earlier." Chris said as he put on his backpack and grabed his skateboard.
    "I'm outa here mom, cya this afternoon." He said as he pushed past his mother to avoid a good morning kiss, which made her whine alittle.

    (more to come tonight)
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