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    (Good Morning Everyone! Sorry I kinda lied and said lastnight for the next one, sok, here is the next installment,)

    Loud music blastin in his ears and wind flying past his face as Chris skated on the side of the road towards Pallet Public School. Seeing a group of girls walking on the other side of the street, Chris thought it would be a good idea to try and impress them, so, he jumped the curb, to try to grid it some, but, landed wrong, and fell face forward. While laying there face red and hurting on the pathment, Chris was glad the music was still playing, because ten to one, the girls were laughing at him right now. Picking himself up, he dusted his shirt and pants off, and wiped off his face. Sighing heavly, he picked up his skateboard and desided to walk the rest of the way.

    God Chris hated school. After his history class, he had Basic Pokemon Care, which they learned about what to do in the wild about feeding pokemon when you couldnt buy food, and how to take care of wounds. The only reason he didnt like this class was because of the teachers little 'helper'. The 'helper' was a Mr. Mime, which the teacher showed the class how to wrap wounds and things. He was also a problem because for some reason, the goofy haired thing LOVED Chris. He liked to put up barriers infront of the door that Chris couldnt see when leaving or entering class, making Chris go face first into them, then falling down. He always left that class as soon as possible. After that, he had lunch break. Chris always went to a small park near the school and sat under a large tree and listend to his music while he studied for his next class. His hardest class. Battling and Training Stratigies. He was always reading his book, which was writen by Ash Ketchum, and looking over his notes in class. He liked the class, but it was very hard. It was the only class that you used a real pokemon. For tests, they had to fight the teacher, and win. Chris did okay in most matches, he always got to use a rare assorment of school owned pokemon, and a few the teacher had caught on his journey. Chris even got to fight with a rare Dratini once after school with the teacher one day. It was great.

    Soon after lunch ended and the classes passed by, Chris had to use a Ratatta to beat a hitmontop today, it was extra credit if he could do it. Chris felt sorry for the poor Ratatta though. Him and the hitmontop were both knocked out, but the teacher still counted it. He had math after that, eck, we're not even going to talk about math. And finally the final bell rang and Chris started home. Being that Chris lives 'in Pallet' is kinda cheating alittle, because he lives outside town alittle, which means a long walk or ride home. He gets to see pokemon sometimes on the side of the roads and in the grassy fields and stuff. He often sees a Machoke in a field pulling a large cart for the farmer there, or using a large Scyth to cut down the Hay by hand. Chris wonders if doing hard work like that is good for the pokemon. But he shrugs like always and keeps going on his way back home.
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