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    Ooh... sorry. it said that it was optional in the rules. Like I said, I can't hack, and don't have the least bit of knowledge about how to sprite fake screenies... this is mainly to get the attention of some hackers/a hacking company.
    but I do have some of the Pokedex-
    1. Lea
    Leaf snake Pokemon
    Picture/sprite unavailible.
    LEA builds it's nest in the jungle canopy. This POKEMON has the ability to slither up trees to get to it's nest.
    ?: Chickeyo
    Chicken Embryo Pokemon.

    CHICKEYO is weak and does not battle well. CHICKEYO were believed to be extinct before a researcher fround one cryogenically frozen in an old science lab.
    Chicken Steed Pokemon

    Pulluyo was used for riding hundreds of years ago. Pulluyo refuses to get in a Pokeball unless it knows it's trainer, and it is believed that intolerence to captivity is what caused this Pokemon to be wiped out.

    Name Undecided
    Golden Lion Pokemon
    No picture/sprite yet
    _____ Is the Old Legendary that was able to open the seal at the Shrine of Metal. this POKEMON inspired the design of doorknockers of the olden days.

    Third Eye Pokemon

    (an improved sprite was made by Bean. Once I get a hold of him, I'll ask for permission to use it in the game)
    TUATETARU is the spirit of the first POKEMON to die. When captured, it is said that TUATETARU's personality becomes as it was befored it died.

    Sorry about the lack of info.. I'm idea-dead right now.

    Cleaning Signature... come back later :o