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    be specific: Which League and you can choose some of Kanto and Johto, and possibly Hoenn and I'm iffy on the new league as I have some idea about the gym. I've made up one new type of Pokemon: the Light type. I was then looking at's attackdex and saw that there was a new attack type recently added so I thought to myself "hey I can use this as a pokemon type".

    I'm currently working on balancing this out. Oh and the "new" pokemon type isn't what the first thing comes to mind is. It's different. Very different. Right now, I'm pretty much working on the attacks, types, strengths, weaknesses, and pokemon right now, so I may not be able to do a screenshot for the next few days, but it will get done.


    I'll do a daily update at about this time so I won't be on until this time tomorrow unless there's something big happening and I get too anxious, lol.