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Sorry for the double post, but I feel that it's another time for a status report, lol.

Well, I had like three maps done on rm2k3 but the test play thing didn't work and my friend urged me to save the files as a game thing and I did and I was unable to open said files plus it didn't work, so I urged everyone working with me on the project to switch to rmxp.

Well, I'm near completion on the exterior map for the first city, so I uploaded a few screenies for your amusement.

I'm using the original Brendon sprites until I feel like editing them, lol. Here, you're talking to (obviously) an old lady who has something to ponder.

Going into the lab to get your starter.

Level: 5
Gender: Female
Nature: Brave
Ability: Pressure
Rain Dance
Light Screen


Level: 5
Gender: Female
Nature: Adamant
Ability: Inner Focus
Crush Claw
Fake Out
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